Adorable lion shaped eyes , who is lucky to have these super model feature?

besides on myself I seen them on one other person girl

seeing this will it cause you break up with your current man?


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  • Stud perfectiono 5.5. You crack me up & never cease to amaze me. I come on here just for you.

    How's the rap album coming along. I don't think people know who, & how famous you really are.

    Go to town on this one.

    • I working my album and doing beats first, in the mean time I'm some spoken word for mix tape that my frend has. I have frend who''s offers from def jam and has his own label woth millions of hits

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    • nothing more screep then silence lol ;) I think that worked in the rice track

    • some one ask me ,how am ranked 1# on the music harts lolololol self promotion and I'm real good at it.then he called them ring tone beats.

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