People say I'm pretty but have an edge... what does that mean?

i have really pale skin and long wavy black hair with a side fringe. I have brown eyes but they kind of look orange in the sun. I play the guitar and I love dancing. when people hear this description they think I'm punk or emo but I'm not. I actually love animals and kids and art and any kind of music really. (if all that helps)

people sometimes comment that I'm pretty but have an edge to my look. what does that mean? and is it a compliment or criticism?

and also do you think you'd like a girl like this or if not why?


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  • I think it means that while you're pretty, you also have something about you that stands out.

    If they also think you're punk or emo, then they probably mean that you're pretty but have a sort of thing about you that seems dark, or edgy, or wild. Something about you that maybe says danger or mystery, or a bit of a bite. It means you're not a conventional norm. This can be taken as a compliment.

    Not necessarily a criticism, but it's the kind of thing that some people might know how to take when they see it. I don't know. Maybe someone might think it's intimidating, or maybe they'd get the wrong impression, like maybe you're a little tough or perhaps slightly bitchy.

    Anyway, having a certain edge is kinda cool. I'd run with it. Just keep doing what you're doing, and try not to force it. So long as you don't have too much of an edge, you'll be fine. I think it will be a character trait that you can keep as your own. So feel good about it. Good or bad, just be yourself.

    in the mean time, I hope my answer wasn't too vague.

    Good luck.


What Girls Said 1

  • I would take it to mean you are definitely pretty yet in an unconventional way. You have a certain toughness to your look (which doesn't have to mean masculine). I would take it as a compliment because run of the mill "pretty" can be boring. Also since you seem to have a really sweet attitude the contrast with your look would probably be really appealing and interesting. So sounds like you're good!