Is your left boob larger then the right?

I know very few girls would be completely symmetrical. But for the majority of women one size is usually larger... generally the left what is yours and do you mind?

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Also can you state their size when you state which size is bigger/neither and if they are sensitive?


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  • nope I'm 100% symmetrical. had a consult with a plastic surgeon who measured both sides and each was the same as the other. told me in his 35+ years expereince he has never seen a case. I felt awkward at first about it but I'm glad mine are uneven although normal.

    • meant to add that I didn't take the reduction for that reason. anything can happen with surgery

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    • yea bigger ones come with a lot of issues lol.. I always tell girls they don't want big boobs trust me

    • I seen in another question you said you are black, is it true your p****'s taste the best? (;

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  • It's so minimal that I don't consider it noticeable... I don't even think about it, of course unless someone asks...

  • My right is bigger, but it's barely noticeable, especially with a bra.

  • Yes, my left boobie is slightly bigger.

  • My left one is bigger. xD

  • Yes. The heart muscle is beneath the left breast, which explains the size discrepancy.

    • but the heart is behind the rib cage

  • My boobs used to be completely symmetrical, then I gained a couple of pounds and they went to my boobs. Now my left is a bit bigger, but not very noticeable.


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