How much do you believe attractiveness varies?

Do you think that people's tastes in what they find attractive vary greatly?

I don't like rating people on a scale, but I have to use it as a reference for the question.

From what I've seen there isn't a huge variation. Nobody is going to think someone is a 3 when another is thinking they're a 10. Maybe someone varies 3 or 4 points like from 8 to 5 or something like that but attractive is generally attractive and unattractive is generally unattractive.

I guess what it comes down to, is how much do you believe that people actually have "types" vs. people are just physically attractive or not. What's your opinion?


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  • I think people have types. It varies a lot. My type of guy would probably be totally different than some girls on this site and vice versa. We all find different things attractive. For all the different people in the world, there's got to be different people that find them attractive. Some girls think Ryan Gosling is gorgeous, to some people he's a 10. To me, he's a 3. But a guy who's a 10 to me might be a 3 to others.


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  • I agree with you. I think when people see someone for the first time their won't be much variation in their 'rating'. But when you start to know someone you'll find them more/less attractive then someone else does.

  • I actually don't have a type when it comes to looks.


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