Guys, do you like girls with makeup?

if a guy tells you you don't need makeup is that like a way of sayin your pretty?


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  • Yes, that's definitely a compliment.

    In general, I'd say that most guys don't mind a little bit of makeup, but they also think that the average girl wears way too much on a daily basis, and focuses way too much on it. As I tell the girls I'm with: "eyeliner and lip gloss is enough", at least, for daily wear. Obviously there are times when you want to dress up, and more makeup might be approrpiate, but it is SO not necessary to use a dozen products and spend 30 minutes on your face every day.

    Girls seem to think that guys don't know what real girls look like, and that they have to hide every conceivable flaw from us or we'll run away screaming. The truth is that, while most of us APPRECIATE that you're doing a lot of that work for our benefit, we know you're human (just like we are), and that you're going to have some flaws here and there, just like we do, and we really don't care. We'd rather have the REAL you than the "lie" that make-up, hair extensions, and push-up bras create, and that so many girls hide behind.

    Remember: it isn't guys who are encouraging all of that, it's other WOMEN who do, and that's because they think that beauty is a huge competition. But it isn't nearly as much as you think.


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