Why do so many people get upset when women prefer tall men?

Specifically, short women. I'm 5'3 and all my bfs have been at least 5'11. The tallest was 6'3. I've literally been verbally attacked for this and I don't understand how it's any different from any other preference that any individual has. Some like one flavor, others like another. Is it really so bad in your opinion if short women specifically prefer or exclusively date tall men? Do you think it's somehow different from any other preference in a partner? Explain please :/


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  • It's because insecurity drives people to be irrational.. simple as that. I can't really talk like TylerMMA being around the same height as him.


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  • I don't get upset at anyone in particular.. it just sort of sucks to be counted out for something I have no control over.. :/

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    • learning one word isn't going to make you not dumb any more than losing one pound will make you not "fat." and some people can't even do that. I'm not saying short people can do anything, I'm saying that your examples suck because the situations given are far more serious than height and often individuals cannot do anything on their own in many cases under these examples. if there is some new medical treatment in the future than makes you grow, you would need money and assistance. so do these people

    • right and when that new treatment comes out then these would be even but they're not

  • Attacking you is wayy too much and uncalled for and I don't think anyone should be attacked for having a preference.

    But, if you genuinely do not understand why SHORT GUYS hate that most short girls AND tall girls prefer guys who are tall...then I will explain:

    Guys GENERALLY do not have a height preference. Women of all heights are fair game in most guys' views.

    Women GENERALLY prefer taller men. Only tall men are fair game in many of their eyes.

    In other words, the ones who are upset are short guys. This is because most short guys (who are no different from tall guys except by height) do not have much luck with dating.

    Perhaps the reason it is extremely obvious to me is because...well, I am a short guy (5'8"). It is much more difficult for a short guy to find a girl and get her to think of him as more than just a friend. It's hard to be taken seriously as a short guy. But we are still guys. We still like to do manly things, be thought of as manly, and we still want to get a girl and do manly things to her.

    I'm willing to bet almost all of your attackers are men who are short by guy standards but are still taller than you are.

  • I'm 6'1" and always date short, my girlfriend now is the tallest I have ever dated at 5'7" I prefer shorter women and who cares what society says if someone verbally attacks you maybe they are just jealous.

  • Can't say I particularly care. The tall girls and the short guys will get cheesed off though. The tall girls only want to date guys taller than them, so they see all tall guys as "their" men and get pissed off when those guys go for shorter girls (which they do sometimes because guys don't care nearly as much about a girl's height). And of course the short guys are upset because they don't even bother with the tall girls knowing that they have a minimal shot, so they're bummed when girls who are shorter than them STILL go for taller guys.

    And THAT is why people get upset when women prefer tall men. . .

  • Its not only women that like tall guys. Is also guys whom like girls with big boobs. Is anyone who is only date people with certain phisical traits.

    For instance I love pale girls, and I'm often get insulted, I even get called racist! When I have very dark friends, and I'm not totally white myself.

    If you look closely, society insist that we should comform, that lust and sexual desires are always bad, that we should only care about personality, and that if we care about phisical appearences then we afe cojsidered shallow.

    Of course I care about personality, there are hot girls I would not date ever due to their personality. But I want someone that I can love and lust... Actually if you love someone but not lust...why not just be friend!, why do we have to date that person!

    I think like this:

    Attractrive and good personality: girlfriend

    Attractive but bad toxic personality: nothing

    Unattractive to me but good personality: female friend

    Unattractive but awesome personality: best friend.

    The thing is people are jealous and insecure. Don't mind them. I'm a short guy by the way, and I find this attitude of them very annoying

  • I don't see anything at all wrong with it. But I'm 6'4" so perhaps I'm biased...

  • i do not know why those people attacked you

  • Well, I don't.

    I'm 6''1 and totally fine with it!

    • ..and actually - I share your pain, when I say I date only blondes with big boobs, people tend to call me in the most horrible words, but I find it mildly amusing... they have no power over me, nor you aswell.

    • but you are still an idiot-can't cure that either lol

    • Ohhh I'm so offended, some random scrub on the Internet called me "an idiot"... what should I do now?

  • You only date tall guys? That's fine. I only date girls who are 5'5 and taller. So, no matter how amazing of a person you are, no matter how physically attractive, how smart, how funny you are... Since you're only 5'3 I'm not even going to give you a second look. And that's okay because that's just my preference. Right?

    • Actually it is OK. By the way I'm a short guys (5'2). The thing is you don't choose what are you attracted to. I love pale girls, I don't feel any attraction to dark girls. Is not something I chose, its not even convenient cause where I love most people are dark.

      Of course personality is important, but for me phisical appearance is also important. Life is not always fair, specialy not in sex and dating. People get advantages and impediments. Just be confident and mature and a girl will love you

  • I'm tall so I am fine with it lol and there are people out there that seriously attack other people for liking tall guys? Is it a formal organization?

  • Apparently, the average height for US males is about 5'9". Would you turn a guy that height down? I mean, he would be half a foot taller than you.

    And as others have said, it's because it's something that excludes them and can't change. The same will happen with any other specific preference. For instance, if you prefer a certain race, you'll get a handful of people that be a little pissed about it. It comes with the territory.

  • Wait hold on is 5'10/5'11 still considered tall?

    To answer you question and why guys respond with hostility; is because height is a non changeable factor and its so dumb and irritating when someone says I will only date someone x inches tall, to not consider anyone else shorter.

    Most other preferences people have, like wanting their partner to be fit/have a nice body can be worked on or a certain hair color can be dyed (essentially changeable factors). Its not only you that prefers tall men, its 95% of girls who do. Its like me telling you that pretty well every single guy you meet for the rest of your life will like something that you could never offer them, and you will be excluded, overlooked, and looked down upon for not having a staple of what would you be considered femininity.

    Short women are like short guys escape from this reality. Think of it like this, a tall guy has a massive dating pool (he can date any girl of any height), the shorter you get the less pool of women you can date / go after. But if your short basically, you can guarantee that even if a girl loved you, she will still prefer you more if you were a bit taller.

    • Well this can be said about anything.. if you have a busted face for instance that can't be changed by working out.

    • exactly. you can't technically change your eye or hair color either, and not everyone wants to dye or wear color contacts, and as a consequence would still be excluded by people with preferences in that area as well. also, some people have preferences on race or skin color, including many of these short men and tall women. unless you're in an extreme minority who truly don't care about looks, its likely that you have preferences about "non-changeable" factors in potential partners.

    • i don't see why something being changeable matters, though. that presupposes that all people who are discriminated against in love and attraction (everyone) would change those factors about themselves that don't appeal to most people. if they wouldn't change anyway, why would it matter? there are things about me that I'm sure many men may not like, but I can't say that they should like them because I can't change them. does that really make sense to you?

  • as someone who's a 5'1 27year old male I would love to go out with girls the same height as me or shorter but as long as I don't have to look up to far I'm fine with it. Allot of women like dating tall guys but there are not a whole lot who like to date guys that are shorter than they are. So it ends up being there are no women left around my height witch tends to get me upset but not enough to tell people off.

    I would date girls taller than me but I can be intimidated by their height/beauty.


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  • In the US, less than 15% of men are 6' or taller and less than 4% are 6'2 or taller. Realistically, you are severely limiting yourself if you won't even consider dating a man shorter than that, especially since you are so short yourself.

    However, who cares? I don't care if you have the most rigid and ridiculous standards. If that's what you like, then so be it. You're going to catch a lot of crap for it on this site though.

    • very true. although I haven't ever had an issue of attracting tall guys. maybe I just live in a population with a higher concentration of the tall men? who knows. I know you're right about this site though.

  • No one wants to constantly be *told* they are least preferred. Short girls prefer tall guys, tall girls prefer tall guys(which is understandable), so in terms of height, they are least preferred, generally speaking.

    But, at the end of the day, male or female, we're all superficial and shallow.

  • I think it's because it's something that cannot be changed or improved upon. Also, it seems unfair because you'd reject a guy who was absolutely perfect if he was a few inches too short.

    Anyway, I think preferences are fine. What annoys me is that girls think it's okay for them to only date tall guys, but get mad when a guy only wants a girl with big boobs, a tight body, a beautiful face, no sexual experience, etc - whatever. If one preference is okay, so are all the others.

    • But why isn't it okay? I thought I had a right to date whomever I want to date. Is this not the case anymore? I don't think it's your job to be fair. I'm supposed to date who I like and who I'm attracted to. I don't go out thinking "okay must give fair chance to all guys." and I don't know anybody who does. Guys don't even do that. Most people in general dont

    • No I definitely agree. It's just that most women will say this and get possed if a guy does the same. And vice versa.

  • You are being superficial but it's your preferance and someone can't chastise you for that because as peace.love.couture. said we are all superficial and shallow.

    • Also its not shallow if ahe also cares about personality. To me being shallow is when you Date beatufiful people wihtout stopping to judge their personality. Or if you mistreat unattractive people.

    • She is so short so to only date tall guys...5'11 and up, that's superficial.

      She may care about personality but it's still a shallow thing to do. She is acting, choosing to date or not date a guy because of how tall he is and excluding those that don't meet the requirement.

  • tall guys ftw

  • hey, I'm 5'3 as well. twinsies! :D

    I understand where you are coming from. I have similar experiences - tall men love me. Its just so common for tall men to be with short women that I almost find the frustration on the end of our counterparts to be kind of puzzling. Its like being pissed off because the grass is green. This is the way things have been for a long time. Its no surprising revelation. There is nothing in nature that sets an order of short with short and tall with tall. If anything, our population probably wouldn't average out in height. if we were biologically programmed to seek partners similar to our genetics, things would be f***ed up in general. I'm pretty sure attraction to genetic diversity is far more natural than seeking clones of yourself.

    Anyway...I love tall men, they are the perfect, ideal fit for me. Don't really give a sh*t about what other people have to say about that and I'm not heart broken over anyones stories of how hard it is to find someone. boo f*ckin hoo. its hard for people in general to find love these days and no one is perfect. everyone has something that many people will find as a flaw, physically or otherwise. Also, attractions are shaped by a lot of complex experiences and emotions growing up. My mother has told me repeatedly to not marry a short man. most of my attraction is natural, but societal standards play in as well, and so does my moms opinion that I should marry a tall man. she has absorbed the message in society that tall is better, more elegant, regal, commanding of respect, etc. there have been studies done on this sh*t and everything. she's definitely correct and she's looking out for me. she never says it in front of my father though, he's short. he's only a couple inches taller than me, no taller than 5'6/5'7. my parents were hoping id be tall but that did not happen. I'm short just like they are.

    my best friend is a short Asian girl and she has similar, but more intense, cultural predisposition to be attracted to tall men. she literally will NOT date a guy under 5'10. she even has a height measure in her apartment that she makes guys use on dates so she can be sure if she's going out with them again. she's not the typical Asian at all lol but her mother, like mine, is no fan of short men.

    im just saying to draw the line at it being shallow or something is too easy. you should consider the way people are programmed socially and what cultural messages they may be getting at home. height is no different from the view of light skin or blond hair as a prize, in some families, believe it or not.

    im not 100% against short men. I've seen plenty of attractive guys who are not as tall as some guys I've dated who are are 6'0 and taller. I just strongly prefer tall guys. It feels comfortable to me.

    • my parents are short too. lol :)

  • tall girls get upset because they feel like they have a limited selection of guys to choose from (guys taller than them) so they feel threatened when shorter girls "take them" away from them.

    short guys get upset because they feel like they have a limited selection of girls to choose from (girls shorter than them) so they feel inadequate when shorter girls choose tall guys over them.

  • They need to get over it. No it's not bad to exclusively date tall men if you can get them. Most men prefer short women so it goes both ways.

    • Not true! I like tall and short girls.

      It's just really hard to approach tall girls. I really want to, but there's so many potential ways to rip a short guy's heart out it's scary!

      Consider the following:

      Tall guy: Hey I think you are pretty. Would you go out on a date with me?

      Girl: No way Frankenstein. You are a giant. Tall!

      Short guy: Hey I think you are pretty. Would you go out on a date with me?

      Girl: Look, boy. I could crush you under my foot. Don't even bother talking with me, shorty.

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