I need advice on being scene?

I already picked out my scene name( Carly chaos) but I still need help like what clothes to wear and how to do my hair ( my hair is short but I'm growing it back in order to do scene hair) and scene makeup and accessories, help would be much appreciated :)


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  • Please stop.

  • A scene name? really?.. sigh... your what anywhere from 12- 16? right?

    Please, pleeeeasse...just forget the whole scene thing and grow up a little. In a few years your even gonna wonder why you dressed like that. Just read a book or something. And not Twilight or Hunger games or any teenage drama crap. Anything else.

    • Not just teens like the Hunger Games trilogy. Haven't read them myself, but I've had adult relatives recommend it.

    • Yeah I do have to protest lumping Twilight in with Hunger Games. I did too before I'd read them, but Hunger Games is far better. If you remove all of the love story, it's still a good book. Twilight isn't so (not that it was ever a good book).

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