What does fake have to do with fake?

People often complain on here that some people are fake - they are two faced, they lie, they talk about you behind your back and they pretend to be someone who they are not. They are dishonest and they therefore make bad friends.

Fair enough.

Also, people complain about people who are fake - fake hair, fake nails, fake boobs, fake faces. Some people say it looks fake, but I have two things to suggest:

How would you know if someone is fake, when it's fake but it looks real? I have a friend with a fake chin because when she was little her chin got cut off in an accident, and I would never have guessed.

Secondly, people who are fake physically but it looks real, AND they are not fake friends. They are honest, nice people with principles. They are kind and they are loving and they want to be your friend/ boyfriend/ girlfriend. What is so bad about these people?

Do you assume that people who change their appearance to look good are automatically dishonest and evil people?


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  • You have several different examples going on here...

    1. Fake things due to accidents/disease/deformity:

    I think these are 100% fine! I have a friend who's mom had breast cancer and had a double mastectomy. Her boobs are fake and I was even told she went up in size. I don't care. It's circumstance.

    2. Fake tans, hair, nails, colored contacts, elective cosmetic surgery:

    THIS is the section I have a problem with. We as people aren't meant to do all the things we do to ourselves. I feel that it's not normal or natural. As for the personality, I think they aren't necessarily bad people, but insecure people who want to be something that they aren't naturally. It annoys me beyond belief that some people change their appearances in some drastic ways and expect NOT to be called fake. Because indeed, they ARE.

    3. Fake, but good people.

    They fall into the same category as 2. They're redeeming qualities must not be redeeming enough to warrant them leaving their natural appearance alone to let people accept them as they are. Again, they aren't bad, just deceptive. Call it what you will, a nice person with lips full of collagen is still a person with lips full of collagen.

    • but what if people did accept category 3, but they didn't accept themselves. And let's say that now they do accept themselves and they are happy. They are a nice, not insecure person that people accept and have always accepted. Why does the collagen in their lips bother you?

    • Because they could be the very same person they would be without any physical modification. I'm not one to go around belittling others for their decisions, as it is personal. But I certainly have opinions, and these are it! I'd have no problem being friends with someone in one and 3 if I felt they truly were changing for happiness.

    • cool, thank you :)

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  • Most people say they hate 'fake' because it looks cheap and tacky. The fake they are referring to is cheap and tacky.

    I see nothing wrong with someone having 'fake' things - as long as they're not doing it for the wrong reasons. I mean some people will do these things to help them get over the insecurities - and all that does, in the end, is make them more insecure.

    But some people do it simply because they like the look - and eh - that's fine by me. I'm not here to judge. Different folks different strokes and all that.

    Just remember there's no definite corrolation between physical fakeness, and a fake personality.

  • I think this is a great question, so many people have different definitions of what "fake" or tend to toss the word around a little too much.

    I don't agree that someones physical appearance decides if someone fake or not.. whether they needed a false chin (like your friend because of an accident) or having false nails like I do. We all do things to improve our appearance (big or small) for our selves or others. Really, if someone is called fake by another based on out-ward appearance that's pretty hypocritical imo.

    For me fake is based on personality someones who's two-faced, lies, or pretends to be someone their not etc.

    Just because I have fake nails and have been to the tanning bed once or twice does not make be evil, two-faced, or a bad friend. I wouldn't judge others who do the same, idc. (:

  • No, well at least I dont. Some may.. but who cares? I don't think when you hear this (in that sense) that you are interpreting it the way it is meant to be interpreted. I think what they mean is that select people can't even be real with themselves never mind others, and therefore portray superficiality and facades either physically, emotionally or through theyre actions because they are insecure within themselves so they will try to impove they're looks , or put others down via gossiping/jealousy- like stepford wife fake. This type of persona will come across as "fake" because they are not being who they really are! People who have fake "parts" because of circumstances , are not viewed as fake as a person. And even if they were, what is the truth still stands the truth no matter what anyone thinks. Truth is, if the body belongs to you- then you can do whatever you want to it . Peoples judgements are not relevant, unless of course you live to please others.

    With the above characteristics that you mentioned though in the first paragraph- those are qualities of someone who is not completely genuine. Misconception is you really don't know someone- only they know themselves. But I personally can relate to this specific concept- because I had a male homosexual friend whom I adored. Turns out he often talked ill behind my back, and acted really nice to my face. THATS FAKE. Hope this helps.

  • no I don`t think that there is a connection between fake looks and a fake character...

    like you said you have a friend with a fake chin because if an accident...what if she is a really lovely person and than has an accident and gets a fake chin...why should her character change only because of that?


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