How can I look great and feel confident whilst wearing my glasses

I've been told that wearing glasses suits me but I always feel that guys overlook me because of it and don't notice me as a girl they can date because they might think of me as geeky.


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  • Trust me. Glasses aren't bringing you down. It's something else, if anything. It could be your insecurity about wearing glasses. Some of the cutest girls I've ever seen wear glasses. The number one thing you need to remember is, when it comes to attracting a guy, someone's always going to like you. Fat, thin, tall, short, glasses, no glasses, every race, rich or poor - you'll find a guy if you put yourself out there. Confidence is key.

    • agree

      i have seen some really really cute girls wearing glasses

      some of them actually look better with glasses too

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  • Put some sexy lipstick on, get black secretary style ones, and leave your hair down. Now watch!

  • it dpeends on the man but most men prefer the girl without glasses from what I have seen.