Have you ever not dated a guy because he was too short?

Assuming there were no outside circumstances, have you ever had a situation where you knew a guy that you found attractive and liked his personality but decided you would never date him because he was just too short?

If this hasn't happened to you, do you think it is possible for such a thing to happen? Where you would meet a guy but be disinterested in dating him because he was short, even though everything else about him was good.

Let me rephrase this because I realize a guys height has a subconscious effect on your attraction to him. Instead let me put it this way. Have you after saw a guy where you said to yourself he would be really attractive if he was just 6 inches taller? Kind of like a guy might say that girl would be so much attractive if she just lost a few pounds. Basically I'm asking you to dig into your subconscious and ask yourself if you think height was ever the main factor that caused your disinterest.


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  • well height is part of what makes me attracted to someone, so I'm not going to be as attracted to most short guys I see. its not a conscious thing always, or a determined to not date him thing. its just second nature because I know what I like and I generally stick to that.

    i do have friends who actually say "hes cute but he's too short." I think they have exceptions to the rule like anyone else, but they just have preferences.


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  • I once dated a guy who was shorter than me and to be honest it did bother me a little bit. We broke up about a month later, due to other reasons but I def look for guys who are the same height or taller but I wouldn't NOT date a guy for being shorter. It's just a preference I guess.

  • No. I dated a guy like 3 inches shorter than me. He was bothered more by it than I was.

    • Definitely. I'm 5'7 so it's hard for me to feel 'delicate' you know? Especially with a guy who's shorter than me. It's not even subconscious. I'll look at a guy and think "I wish he were taller he would be so much hotter"

    • Thanks for the honest answer.

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