Which of these two looks do you prefer on a girl?

1) An attractive and lady-like female

who wears mostly designer clothes.

As in: knee-length skirts, 1950s type dresses, blouses and ballerina shoes.

High-maintainance, well brought up, and loves gossip.

She's outgoing, talkative, likes to party,

and ISN'T stuck up or boring,

at least towards those she approves of.

Little eye make up and bright red lipstick.

Fair-skinned, long dark hair,

average height and hourglass figure (ie: nice boobs, no butt).

2) An attractive female with a biker girl look.

Not aggressive in style, but not delicate either.

As in: skinny jeans, boots, and a leather jacket.

Prefers dark colors and chooses quality over quantity.

Upper class and well brought up.

Hates gossip, is shy / reserved, and might seem aloof.

Wears eye make up and black eyeliner, natural lips / face.

Fair-skinned, medium dark hair,

5' 8'' and slim (ie: no boobs, nice butt)

Which one would you "pick" as a girlfriend / partner?

What makes you prefer one over the other?


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  • 1, like OMGYES, my dream girl. It's like you painted it all out exactly the way I'd want it.

    I think nothing tops a classy, sophisticated and independent looking woman who behaves like one. Yes, as others pointed out, she does seem high maintenance, but if she is truly a queen, she deserves to be treated like one and I believe it's worth it. I would however not choose her if she is another, fake spoiled dumb ass whom I can't have a decent conversation with.

    But besides that, I love girls who give a damn about themselves and know how to compose themselves, because it shows they are confident and feel beautiful, traits I love in women. I don't like girls who wear sh*t loads of makeup either ( to 'conceal' their so called 'defects') but those who wear minimal and that too, to accentuate their features or create a dramatic look (red lips = instant crush).

    I don't also like girls who wear designer clothes just for the sake of it or trying to impress others, but because they believe in fine dressing, and well known designers tend to offer such finesse and grooming more often (which is why they are famous).

    More than designer goods, she should have a good TASTE in everything. Because if she purchases thousand dollar Juicy Couture sweatpants with 'Juicy' printed on the ass area, I would NOT appreciate her 'fondness of designers'.

    So yes, confidence and self appreciation are the key reasons I'd rather choose 1.

    Because these factors effect your social habits, your dressing, your personality, and in this case, your attractiveness as a person.


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  • Not enough information.

    At least to know whether I'd be interested in either of them as a girlfriend or partner. People can rarely be distilled into a paragraph like that. ;)

    That said, IF I were playing some sort of dating game I'd go for (2), primarily because what's said about (1)'s personality and her clothing/makeup choices suggests to me that I'm somewhat less likely to enjoy being with her outside of a strictly dating setting than (2), who seems likely to not depend as heavily on societal expectations for her self-esteem, which to me is a good thing.

  • pff I like the first description , but I'm also a rock/metal/biker chick lover - so it's complicated haha

    i'm more of a buttman too

    would go for the smallest one ( height) as I'm not the tallest guy in the world hahaha

    it all depends on how the connection is - can't tell that from a description right away

  • I'd probably pick number 2, because she has a lot more character in my opinion, and she seems like the type of girl I could fall in love with.

  • My preference goes to:

    1. The most intelligent one

    2. The kindest one

    3. The funniest one

    I hope this helps :D

  • No one is stuck up and judgemental?

    Then I pick 2, or anyone else really. Doesn't matter how they dress or how big their boobs are. And both seem to miss the no. one quality I look for in women: BRAINS

  • Why not just alternate them, a different one for each occasion as it comes up?

  • I want a combination of both

  • Number two, with number one's clothes ;)

  • Boobs over butt, I'd go with number 1. Yeah, it is that simple sometimes.

  • 2 because one is high maintenance

    But if I had the choice, neither or a mixture of the 2 ;)

    • Hey, thank you for the answer.

      Could you tell in which way you'd like a mix of the two?

      Which "parts" of the two do you like?

      Just wondering! :D

    • On reading a 2nd time I like girl 2. Only thing is I'm not a fan of dark eyeliner. But she's seems a natural girl, comfortable with who she is and nice height.

      Would definitely pick 2. No one likes a gossip/stuck up girl and I don't like having a girlfriend who goes out a lot (hard to trust)

    • OK, cool, makes sense! Thank you for replying :)

  • 2)

  • I like both, since both styles sound extremely sexy to me in their own way, but looking at the personality side as well, I would pick #2 since she's not high maintenance and isn't a gossip. I would actually consider #2 an ideal kind of girlfriend. If you're girl #2 then all I can say is I wish I knew you in person because I would have asked you out by now.

  • Number 2 but I kind of agree with the other guy that said number 2 with 1's clothes. The biker look just isn't ideally feminine to me but I'm not going to lie I have a crush on a dirt biker chick right now that wears a heavy mesh (I don't know what to call it) jacket half the year that completely hides her femininity but I still want her like crazy. I like she's a tomboy but I think it would be awesome to see her dress up really girlie like once or twice a month.

  • There's no right or wrong answer here. It just depends on the guy

    • Hey, thank you for answering.

      I know everyone's taste is different

      but I'm just looking for personal opinions.

      It's more of a poll than anything,

      and it's not a very serious / deep question either.

      I'm only curious :D

  • 1) is high maintenace.

    So not her.


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