How do you know if you are beautiful or not?

I understand that many people believe that good looks are based on the eye of the beholder. Yet, you have to admit, there is such thing as conventional beauty. It's just like comparing good music to bad and a beach to a dumpster. So if you look in the mirror every day and see perfection could it possibly be deceiving? I'm not saying that being ugly or unattractive is bad. I just want to win over this fight I have had with myself for the past few years.


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  • I think if physical beauty is your primary concern you are likely to either A) have low self-esteem; B) be very superficial; C) a combination of A and B.

    The best girls in my opinion are not overly concerned with being pretty or trying to be pretty. Also, a pretty girl who knows she's pretty can often be high maintenance and or snobby.

    • To be honest, A is true for me. I have been trying really hard not to care, yet I am always reverting back to looks as a way of consolation.

    • I guess wanting to be attractive is a lot like money, fame, popularity, etc. Everyone seems to think that they are the keys to happiness.

    • I think you are right. Feeling attractive does help a person feel more self-confident. Obsession with attractiveness is also often associated with unhappiness. I have found that when you are genuinely interested in other people that they tend to like you back for the most part and that does make a person happy. An outward focus rather than an inward focus is a valuable character trait, and very fulfilling.

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  • If you think that you look beautiful that is the important thing. It provides confidence. But I don't know who wins the fight, you or yourself.


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  • i think people who think there pretty are pretty looking but usually have cockyness about them

    but I don't think an unattractive person can think there gorgeous looking maybe I'm wrong but that's my opinion

    i spent years crying over my looks now I just got to a point were I couldn't give a shit

  • True. it does depend.

    well if you get complimented by someone

    that you are beautiful

    And they are sincere about it

    then I would imagine that they meant what they said

  • I think if you look in the mirror and see perfection then you are pretty damn good looking. You should be glad. There are people who hate what they see in the mirror.

    If you get a lot of compliments and get hit on a lot then it should go without saying that you're pretty.

    If you are in shape and keep yourself maintained well then you are most likely not ugly.

    • Why post that anonymously? There is nothing embarrassing or revealing about that. This seems very similar to the comments by another fellow I know on here who always posts anonymously.