Is weight a big issue in a relationship?

I get really paranoid about my weight... I wouldn't say I'm 'fat' but I'm definitely not skinny... I sometimes ask boys if they think I'm too big, but they always tell me I'm perfect and that I shouldn't change, but I really hate my body! I'm really confused...


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  • I hate the answer you're perfect and shouldn't change. It's often a lie. Is that answer coming from guys who want to date your or guys who just want to be your friend? Don't trust it if it's coming from the latter. Now guys do have different body preferences. Personally, I prefer skinny women. But I have friends who prefer big women. Several years ago I had a female friend who was really skinny and I wanted to date her. It ended up not happening and I lost touch with her. Then a few years ago I reconnected with her and several mutual friends at a gathering and she had gained a lot of weight. The other guys told her how they didn't like the way she used to look, but she looked hot now. To me, she used to look hot and now was not. Different preferences for different guys. If you like the way you look (appearance, health, etc.) then look for guys who like that look. If you do not like the way you look, then work on improving and look for guys who want to be with you and help you get to where you want to be.


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  • if you hated your body, youd change it. you don't hate it, you just like to wory. I don't mean worrying is enjoyable to u. but you must get something ot of it. eating healthy& exercising isn't hard.

    if you wanted to tone up, or lose a bit you would. your body is your business, not other peoples.

    if guys said they hated your body, but you loved your body, would you change it? if you don't like your body, you can hcanfe it, but don't do it because of what someone else says.

    askimg someone else if your body is OK, just gets you in the habit of seeking approval from other people. it won't make _you_ like your body. itll just keep you worrying.

    make a decision, as to what you want to do. then make an effort.

    if you want to stay the same, work on liking how you r. if you want to change, change. but stop worrying about what other people think. it doesn't help u. or anyone. be content with what you decide, that's most attractive.

  • Nope. Bodies come in all sorts of shape & sizes. You just have to find a guy who is attracted to you being you.

    Being skinny isn't exactly all that and if guys tell you you're fine than odds are, you are. Girls just have this syndrome to them that makes it seem like even of they are small they feel big.

    Gotta love yourself first before anyone else can.

  • i am very sure that it is just in your head sweety do your self a favore and love your self the way you are by loving your self your relastionships gets more stronger good luck and if guys told you your weight is perfect what more do you need