Reality Check (My post), why don't people check them?

I had this reality check question on girls ask for a while and nobody would tell me if they would date me or not I mean not one person said yes or no this is very disturbing to me and I need to know why please be honest thanks?


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  • the reason you didn't get any answers probably is because people post this question all the time, and it gets tiring because people ask just for a self esteem boost. And how can anyone say yes when there are no photos of you on your page or even enough info about you to go off of. HAving said that, why wouldn't guys want to date you? I'm sure your fine

    • all the pictures I do have the website is saying my images are too big so I can only post what they accept and if people ask me more precise questions about myself or what they want to know I will answer it honestly but thank you for the the feed back.

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    • I guess when you put it that why it almost was silly of me to think that way I will do that thank you

    • sure good luck!

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