Natural curly heads that straighten their hair what happens with male attention?

I'm starting to leave my hair curly now since I want it longer and usually straighten it but I want long natural curls not heat damaged frizzy curls.Maybe its that I got older but I noticed that men stare at me more but don't approach and the ones that do are much older than me and I look younger when I don't straighten my hair so I don't see why this happens.Guys my age never approach me or look/stare at me a lot in general but then again I barely see guys my age out where I go(on the bus/train out in the street or library ect. Except in the summer but they usually aren't alone like I am sometimes)..and when I wear my hair straight guys stare but not as much but they approach more but they still are older than me but usually in their early 20s but I don't look older than my age when its straight...maybe its just my area but a lot of natural curlies wear their hair straight 24/7 so I guess that what guys are use to seeing but I always wear my hair in a bun now I use to wear it in a ponytail. So it looks the same to me.

  • More men approach me when its straightened
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  • More men approach me when its curly
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  • More stares with straightened locks
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  • More stares with natural curls
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  • I get the same amount of attention
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  • Depends on the style but I don't pay attention


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  • Your hair hasnothing to do with older guys trying to get at old are you 15 ,14? There just pervs that like little girls.guys your age don't know what they want.just keep your hair natural and dress your age.youll eventually find a guy your age that likes your hair and better yet you just keep looking br patient and persistent.

  • natural currly hair is AWSOME! wether brown or blond it's personally the best hair style I like best!

  • straight hair is hotter than curly


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