Why does she worry about me looking taller?

Whenever I'm with this girl and we're taking a picture she will slouch a little or if she's standing on something she'll move down and say "Oh wait I'm gonna look taller than you." We're both the same exact height at like the 5'9-5'10ish area. "I think she thinks I'm insecure with my height when really I don't care because I know I'm still growing. Even I'm done I'm comfortable with my body. Why would she care about making me look taller though?

Haha she was looking for flats and I asked her why and she said because she would be taller than me. I told her if she wanted to wear heels she could because I said I don't care
So she says OK, but then asks how tall my friends are and their dates. And I said they're all the exact same height as me and the girls will probably be shorter. She decided she's going to stick to flats because she doesn't want to look taller than everyone else in the picture. I still insisted that she wear whatever she wanted to wear. She told me she appreciated that, but she doesn't want to look freakishly tall compared to everyone else, so I stopped insisting and just said ok.
I'm not insecure with myself because I know I'm still growing.


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  • well that's a bit mean of her.

    ask her why she's doing that.

    tell her you're OK with your height. maybe she's the one who's not OK with your height. she should accept you for who you are. :D

    • I asked her to prom too. I wonder what she'll wear for footwear but I don't care cause she's probably going to take her heels off right at the dance. And by her drawing attention to my height I also can't help but feel a little insecure like my height bothers her or something.

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  • maybe she wants you to feel manlier, or she wants to look more feminine. Guys are usually taller than the girl, so she doesn't want to look manly.

  • I think it's because she doesn't really like that you guys are the same height so she wants to appear smaller.


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  • Maybe it's more her who thinks she's too tall. Usually guys don't really like the girl to be too tall. Maybe she's had a crush or a boyfriend who was smaller than her and that led to a break-up from him ? How about asking ? It's quite petty a subject.

    • @ Update : You did well. Problem solved I guess :)

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    • Yeah it's odd. I've never known a girl who was unhappy with her height.

    • I know of two sisters, one was seeing a psychologist because being the younger one, she was taller than her sister. To each their own (insecurities/obsessions/...)

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