What should I should I do?

A girl that I have been dating said she may look for other guys when we did not talk for 2 weeks. I had full trust before hearing her say that even though she seems like the relationship is ok to some extent.

We have been together for awhile and this is the first time she said anything like that so my feelings are uneasy. I find it hard to talk with her because I dealt with being cheated on before by another girl.


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  • What kind of relationship do you? Are things ok between the two of you or are things kind of on the rocks? Why didn't you talk for two weeks? You don't have to answer these questions but the answers could help to see why she might have chosen to do that. I was in a similar situation where my ex went on vacation and didn't call me for about 3 weeks, I was so hurt and angry with him and although I didn't talk to other guys if the opportunity had risen who knows if I wouldn't have to retaliate. You two need to have a serious conversation about your relationship and what you want out of it especially if you dealt with being cheated on before.

    • We have been dating 3 years and want to get married. I thought things seemd ok and suddenly she stopped talking for 2 weeks. When she finally spoke to me she said that she was a little mad for my job to conduct a spouse background check which is normal for my company. All she said to me was that if I dodnt want to marry then she would find someone who would.

      I thought things had gotten better or more clear but she did not even contact me the whole V-Day weekend. I am really confused, thanks

    • Sorry but it seems like she's making excuses to not be with you and is trying to make you be the one to break things off. If it's normal for your job to do background checks on spouses then I don't understand how she could be upset with you for it. I really think that you guys should have a serious conversation about your relationship and see where you want it go if anywhere. I still think that she's looking for a way out but I could be wrong. Just talk asap

    • I appreciate your reply and positive feedback. Finally, I spoke with her and she told me that its not me that is making her act this way. I was really shocked to hear that from her since I have been trying to understand what is going on. She told me that her job will lay her off soon so the stress from that has mad her act this way. I told her that I understand but you put me through 3 weeks of pain and headache without me knowing the cause for your behavoir.

      Thanks, I could use a cold beer.

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  • Maybe she is not interested in you enough OR (the more likely reason is)-> She wanted more contact with you than just speaking every two weeks. I think you shold at least send her a text every 7-9 days. Don't overdo it though or you might be put into the friend category. Maybe she just wants to see all her options before getting serious with you. There is no sure way to know unless you ask her! So I would ask her and see what she meant by that and if she says its because you don't talk enough for her then tell her you will start calling her more.


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  • If she was unsecure about your relationship with her during those 2 weeks, it must've seemed like months to her. Picture how your day would operate if you were worried about something important and had no logic (only emotions).

    This is her way of voicing her insecurity in the relationship. Now, sweep her off her feet and boldy convince her that she's got nothing to worry about. Do not pull back and do not ignore her test.

  • How can you date a woman and not talk to her at all for 2 weeks?

    By her saying that she may look for other guys she basically ended the relationship. She obviously doesn't feel strongly about you because the first words she says to you after a 2 week hiatus is "let's see other people," so you might as well break it off with her because she s being pretty conspicuous that she wants out

    • I tried to call and email for 2 weeks but she never would answer the phone or emails. Thanks for your view it makes some sense. I found out that the main reason she was acting this way was that she was getting laid off her job. I had gone through some hell for 2 weeks only to find out its not me who is causing the problem.

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