When you ask "what should I wear tonight" what do you really want?

So this is the question that guys in a relationship get to hear most, and have the smallest clue as what to answer to this question.

I've read and heard multiple tips as to how to react when your girlfriend poses this question.

So I'm wondering, what is it that you really want when you ask this question girls? Do you really want him to propose an outfit? Do you want him to ask what you were planning to wear? Do you want him to name the outfit you were planning to wear?

So seriously, what is it that you want from your bf/fiance/husband when you ask that question?


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  • i don't ask someone else, what I should wear. if I can't figure out what I should do with _my_ body, on my own, then I just go naked, since that's how id feel mentally, if I had to ask someone else what _I_ should do.

    if I ever get to the point I need approval from other people. before I can think about what I think of myself, ill have myself committed.

    its pathetic, imo.

    i also think acting like you need some special mental prongs to answer Q, about how do I look, am I fat, what should I wear,

    be honest, & if she's pissed because you didn't lie. dump her7 date someone who respects herself,m you & honesty.

    tihs Q, is really olds, & its sole purpose is to make everyone look retarded. why would you be in a relationship with someone you don't trust enough to be honest with.

    • "be honest, & if she's pissed because you didn't lie. dump her7 date someone who respects herself,m you & honesty. "

      There would be almost no girl left to date...

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  • this may give you a clue about what should you answer (or not) to this question. https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=UfyyRm0_xQ8

    and, well, sometimes we may ask just to see if the guy has the same thing in mind or just if he can remember us of some special cloths we may have forget that we have. or we are just asking but already know what to wear.

  • i would want him to name a specific outfit that he particularly liked. he doesn't have to go into details, e.g. accessories and whatnot. but if he liked a particular dress or something, I'd want to know.

  • Probably expect you to pick something you would like her to wear so she could please you like in a dress you think she looks sexy in etc..


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