Guys, what is your definion of a beautiful face?

please describe! :-)

And No I do not live in Japan! :-)

Of course, girls are welcome to answer as well! :-)


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  • a picture is worth a thousand words: link

    • My eyes went stright to her awesome boobies but she does have a pretty face too yes, :-p

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    • "Awesome boobies"?

      They look like they're being pressed into place by a board.

    • very good choice, she's beautiful!

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  • it's hard for me to describe, and I can't post links yet..

    but you can try and search "Yui" on google

    she's also my favorite singer, lol.

    • Oh well in that case, I am so not your type huh, lol

    • i'm pretty open-minded

      in terms of relationships hehe

      and I like trying new stuff I haven't done

      before, I'm sure I could fit you in somewhere.. (lol just kidding)

    • Haha oh wow OK! =P

  • It's not really something I can describe in words. I just know what I like when I see it. Of course all guys have different preferences.

  • i remember reading about this somewhere, it all has to do with the shape of the face and the alignment of the eyes with the lips and the width or length and shape of the nose. a pretty face for me means pretty eyes lips, nose, and a round face.

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    • Awww she looks so cute

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  • For my perfect guy it would be pale, intense eyes, thin lips, longish nose (not a witches nose though lol) and high cheek bones oh and no monobrows -_- that sh*ts f***ed up. The point is different stuff looks better on different people for example a girl with pale skin, green eyes, high cheekbones and full lips may sound beautiful but be a butter face when you see her (personal experience) the point is there is no definition of a beautiful face. My boyfriends face is nothing like the one I described but I still love him and think he has the most gorgeous face in the world.

    • Butter face. LOL...

      Thank you for your answer sweetheart, I get you:)

  • it's the kind of face that you just can't help but drink in. it's like your eyes get fixated on it and you're trying (and failing) to understand how it came out that perfect. I saw this lady in the macy's shoe department when I was like 12 or something, and she was just absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. she was pregnant too, maybe that added an extra glow.

  • for me she has the perfect face. everything is so perfect!


    • She is not that perfect but I agree she is definitly beautiful