Will you rank these dresses from your most to least favorite?

I'm shopping for work dresses. My work is business casual, and these dresses are in line with how most of the other girls at my office dress.

Let me know if there are any you totally love or totally hate.

Right now my total is $275. I technically only have $225 budgeted for work dresses for spring (currently don't have any), though an extra $50 probably won't kill me.

Anyway, here they are:

Pink and Choose: link

Mast of Disguise: link

Sapphire for Hire: link

Chill Seeker: link

Just About Anywhere: link


Most Helpful Guy

  • Child Seeker, really cute, love the color

    Pink and Choose, you would have to wear something beneath this right?

    Just About Anywhere, looks okay, but I don't really like the upper part

    Mast of Distguise, cute, but looks hard to move in

    Sapphire for Hire, I don't like the frilly stuff around the neck


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What Guys Said 4

  • Mast of Disguise is most appropriate only if you have hips from god.

    After that, it's

    Sapphire for hire

    Chill seeker

    Just about Anywhere

    Pink and Choose

  • 1.Just About Anywhere, I love it, it has a classy-ish feel and you will definitely look great in it.

    2.Sapphire for Hire, I would definitely hire you in this dress.

    3.Chill Seeker, It's adorable, I like it.

    4.Mast of Disguise, I just don't like the color combination with the stripes.

    5.Pink and Choose, I hate it, it looks like a old long ratty shirt or something.

    • I get what you're saying about the ratty old shirt, shift dresses can have that effect. I'd belt it at the waist so it would be tighter on top and flow out at the bottom.

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    • Which one do you like the best?

    • The sapphire for hire is my favorite.

  • Ist Place = Sapphire for Hire

    2nd Place = Chill Seeker

    3rd place = Pink and choose

    4th place...Just about Anywhere is fine..but would that color suit you...?

    5th place..eh..it's OK..but don't like the 2 colors combined

  • You'll look good in any of them


What Girls Said 3

  • Rank - one being the best, 5 being the worst.

    Pink and Choose: 5 (Too pink and frilly...kind of reminds me of a child's outfit)

    Mast of Disguise: 4 (Too tight and "navy-ish")

    Sapphire for Hire: 2 (I had a hard time choosing between this and Chill Seeker)

    Chill Seeker: one (Love the color, cut, and overall look - very professional, yet cute)

    Just About Anywhere: 3 (Very cute. I love the color. Would be nice with a blazer or cardigan for work environment)

  • i say 1,4,5, the others seem too short for work IMO.

  • Pink and Choose

    Mast of Disguise

    Chill Seeker

    Sapphire for Hire

    Just about Anywhere