Can skinny guys like bigger girls?

In one of my classes, there's a guy who I sit next to and he glances at me a lot during class. In the beginning of the semester he used to sit across the room. He used to stare alot. 2 weeks after he came and sat next to me. He talked to me the first time he sat next to me. But not anymore but he still sits next to me next to me and glances and smiles once in a while. Last time we were going to take a test he was like, "oh, umm... good luck." And he smiled and looked down. he's just being friendly, right? I find it hard to believe he could actually like me. He's really thin (I don't want to judge and say underweight since I don't knw that for a fact) and I'm overweight. he's a lot taller than me. I dress normal and do my hair and makeup (I just wear some mascara and blush) but I dnt think really thin guys find big people attractive? I don't know that for a fact so that's why I'd like to know if they really do?

In high school there was another skinny guy who would act like that too. All 4 years of high school he would stare and smile and his friends too. His girlfriend hated me though. I don't know why. I was just at school being my regular quiet self. And she would give me dirty looks. And she would pull her boyfriend away if I walked by. I don't know what was going on though.

So anyway, do some thin guys like big girls?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • yup, they sure can! :)

    • Hmm... They don't feel weird dating a girl whos a lot bigger than them?

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What Guys Said 3

  • They're called chubby chasers.

  • Yep, in fact, I see skinny guys with bigger girls FAR more than I see bigger guys with skinny girls. Hell, I think I see it more than I see fit people with other fit people. But might just be my area and the places I've traveled. It's whatever though.

  • Yep some do


What Girls Said 3

  • Some of them do. Just because you're big doesn't mean you're not pretty. Smile back at him, something may happen.

    And that girl didn't like you because her boyfriend kept staring at you. She felt threatened.

    • Well the thing is, I kind of dnt want anything to happen because I'd feel weird dating a guy whos way smaller than me. He's cute and seems nice but idk...

      Oh I never understood why girls did that when I was around. They do that constantly. Theyre so rude to me and its not like I was even looking at their boyfriends. And I'm so nice. I would never take anyones boyfriend!

  • yep some do for sure!

  • I'm a bigger girl. I've dated quite a few guys and have had a few serious relationships. Every guy who has ever shown interest in me has been thin or average. It's interesting: I'm attracted to guys of all sizes, but big guys never like me back, only guys who are smaller than me. :P

    • Oh OK. many of the guys who have asked me out were really skinny. Some were big too.

      So I guess different men like different types of girls?


    • Yep. :)