I find it hard to change how I look?

i find making my self looking seem more back breaking job to me it come easy to women but looks were never important to me it never really bothered me people keep telling me.i don't no where at all in country heck town its very small place and there is real reason to do it.when I do no body notice or else I get teased or mocked for it .guys hate me change or not it makes no difference to them they act I don''t existed any way .

i have few physical problem hair keeps growing on chin and eyes brows looks like bushes I have oily dry skin which is pasty I have one turned eye.my hair is always greasy .i never really told how look after my skin and hair .i have very fat white face I have teeth missing too .i also have weight problem too its very hard to lose weight .i have very low esteem from guys rejection me and be constant told I am old woman

i don''t have much money very little .i live in house with no bathroom just toilet and sink and no hot running water the nearest clothes shop is 40 miles away .

i am 5ft 22

size 16

black hair

brown eyes almond shaped

dull white skin

i find guys always seem to want kind of model in there 20s well that me gone

any advice would nice


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  • First and foremost: Dress for -you-, not other people. If no one notices how nice you look any given day - tough for them. For example, if there's a shirt you really love, do you wear it just so people can tell you how nice you look ? No. Do you wear it because you love it ? Yes.

    Second: I have similar problems as you - I have chin/lip hair and combo oily face. Now, you mentioned that you're tight on cash, but try to at least get a facial cleanser and moisturizer. link

    *And a little money saving tip - Since our skin tends to get very oily throughout the day, we need to control that oil. That's why using a sheet of toilet paper as an oil blotting sheet substitute would reduce the sheen/oil without spending money.

    Third: Take out every single thing in your closet and create new outfits/looks. A lot of people don't really need to buy new clothes because chances are, there are clothes that haven't been touched or worn often. Find what works for you. Maybe look online for inspiration.

    Last: If you want your overall skin complexion and appearance to look fresh, then you need a boost of confidence and proper, strict habits. Try going on walks, eating healthy, brushing your hair at night, taking a soothing bath more often, etc.

  • Hey, so first off don't get down on yourself... If you want to change you can. You should start off by trying to have a healthier diet this will do wonders for everything your body, skin, hair. Because when you have good nutrition your body responds better. I would start doing daily workouts even if it's just a walk everyday to build up your stamina or get a video work out and do that once a day. For your hair in order for it to mot be so greasy you have to wash it ever other day, its not good to wash it everyday but every other day to the third day is the best to do it. What I would recommend is getting two different types of shampoos and alternate which one you use every week so that it helps with build up and grease. For the hair on your chin and the bushy eye brows, you should go get those waxed it last for like 6 weeks and it can only cost you ten dollars, just have them shape up your eye brows. The dry skin issue buy some moisturizing lotion with a vitamin e in it, or another vitamin for that matter this will do wonders for your skin. I would also invest in an all natural powder conseler and foundation for your face the help even skin tone, grab some mascara and a little eye liner to help even your eyes out and your good to go. Lastly the clothes, try a little online shopping, you can find some great deals at places like forever 21, H&M, Delia's, Jc Penny's, just shop around there you love it. Good luck I hope this helped if you have any other questions please comment :)

    • Holy cow! Can you give me a makeover next? lol.

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    • thanks girl for advice

    • No problem have fun with it, and you'll get the confidence you want :)