What type of shoe is the mizuno wave inspire 5?

Ive looked over the internet a bunch of times and can't find what type of shoe it is. I have been told that I have flat feet, and I've pretty much just run in the wave inspire 5 and whatever the guy at the shoe store recommends when I tell him what kinda feet I have and that I'm a runner. But I would like to start picking out some awesome shoes myself. the wave inspire 5 was amazing and so was the wave creation 12 but when I tried the wave inspire 8 it felt like a metal ball was pressing under my foot after a 3 mile run (yes I have already broken them in and no it didn't start harting until 3 months into it). could anyone please tell me what type of shoe the wave inspire 5 and wave creation 12 is, cause those were the most comfortable


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  • inspire 8 - A running shoe built for the moderate over-pronator who requires a combination of enhanced stability and cushioning.

    creation 13 - A running shoe built for the neutral to under-pronator who requires maximum cushioning.

    i can tell you that one is for over-pronator

    while other is for neutral and under-pronate

    id recommend creation 13 based off that since you need more cushion

    or the gel nimus series from Ascis

    • but you see, I'm not trying to get suggestions, I'm trying to get information, like the stats, the mizuno website has good stats, only thing is, the stats are only for the new shoes their trying to sell

    • not exactly sure what you mean by stats since I never heard of it in shoes but

      all companies have diff models for diff types so all inspire series will be for moderate over-pronators

      while all creation series for under-pronators/neutrals

    • link at the bottom of the page the 9 square thing is what I mean by stats

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