For guys who like girls with little to no makeup on... does it turn you off when a girl you like wears makeup?

My current boyfriend fell in love with me when I wore little to no makeup. That is to say that we met and I was completely barefaced, and on subsequent dates, I would put on a little concealer but nothing more.

I haven't asked him whether he would prefer me with makeup or not. But I'm just wondering, if for a night out, I put on more makeup than usual, would it turn him on or disgust him (as it might appear "fake"?). I kinda wanna do it as a surprise soon.


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  • Just use it in moderation. Don't go overboard like you see those girls hanging around in clubs. It'll make you look skanky.


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  • i prefer little to none

    if you look like a plastic doll its a turn off for me


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  • Unless you go completely overboard on your makeup or don't do your makeup WELL, of course you will look worse with makeup on than with none. But for 99% of girls, they look better with makeup.

    Makeup isn't disgusting... Only guys on the internet seem to have an aversion with makeup. Most can't even tell when you're wearing makeup (natural or otherwise) or what product is what...

    I wear makeup around my boyfriend all the time (I wear makeup anyway, I don't do it just for him) and when we go to bed I'll wipe it all off now...I used to care about him seeing me without makeup but jeopardizing my good skin wasn't worth it. And he says I look cute/beautiful/stunning whether I have all my makeup done or none on at all. It's all about what you feel comfortable doing or wearing.

    • I 100% agree. Girls are beautiful, makeup optional. But the truth is, guys don't look twice at me if I don't have any makeup on. And girls don't tell rave about how pretty I am unless I have makeup on. People THINK they like girls who are natural, but you're right--guys can't tell if you're wearing makeup or not unless it looks horrific.