Girls, it's bad if we do, and its bad if we don't?!

ok, so there was a user on here who asked if guys liked girls without makeup,are wearing sweats, with their hair tied up (she was quoting a drake song lol), and some of the guys said if a girl is in public she should wear makeup. To me that is implying that a girl should be done up 24/7.

Popular question on gag is "do guys like girls who wear makeup?" The majority of the guys said they do not like girls who wear makeup. I don't understand how this make sense because 99% of the time the girls they see or like, is wearing various degrees of makeup.

To the guys who think girls should wear makeup in public, why do you say that, when makeup is not natural? why is it a bad thing for girls to go for a casual look? (I am not saying we should look like slobs)

To the guys who say they don't like makeup, why don't you like it, when in reality you do?


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  • From living with guys and having a bunch of guy friends, I've learned this much-- A majority of guys don't know the first thing about makeup or how to tell if a girl is wearing it.

    Since I started working for my current company I've started wearing makeup on a daily basis (never used to wear it at all). I was afraid I was putting too much on, but when I asked if I was wearing too much most of the guys had no idea I was wearing any, even though I was wearing some blush, tinted lip balm, neutral eye shadow, and mascara.

    And many guys, unless they have a teenage sister, don't know what absolutely no makeup looks like.

    As long as it's not caked on or too over-the-top then you should be fine. Natural looking makeup is normally best, but a pop of red lipstick or colored eyeshadow can look good in moderation.


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  • i don't mind a little bit of make up but in general

    1. some girls don't know hwo to use em

    2. put way too much makeup

    3. heard its not good for your skin

  • i like makeup on girls. I would hope its not caked on a bunch or something but I think it can really help accentuate features that already look great on her. just my 2 cents.

  • When was this question posted? I am not a hypocrite...I like females who look natural and would never date a cakeface...REALLY hate foundation & bronzer...make me sick to my stomach.../:/:

    • Do the opposite of what Evangelina says...she would make me a terrible wife...O:O

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    • you brought me up and I'm addressing that

      And you being one guy doesn't mean you know what's going on in guys minds, especially when billions of girls who wear makeup have boyfriends or get married

    • I'm going to bed...she can listen to your Expert Bullsh*t if she feels so interesting how a female asks for males opinions on here and doesn't really care what the f*** they think and wastes my time...while a bunch of know-it-all females with vast years of experience give all their answers instead

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  • Do the opposite of what guys say.

    Guys say makeup is a turnoff or deal breaker--reality of it is guys like girls who are well put together when needed and relaxed and chill in the right circumstances

    Guys say they prefer girls who are natural--Natural is preferred WHEN the girl is attractive without enhancements or makeup so use enhancements and makeup in moderation

    Wear makeup as you please, and you'll be lucky enough to repel the retards from girlsaskguys

    Guys on here have an obsession with makeup beyond belief and they think they speak for ALL guys when they say they dislike XYZ cosmetics, when I think we can all say there are millions, if not billions of girls who wear makeup and get married etc

  • I think guys obviously like to see their girl look good in public. They usually like to show off. But I don't think looking good means caked on makeup. You also have to remember that most guys are clueless when it comes to makeup. A lot of times they have no idea how much you really have on. I've had mascara, blush, and eyeshadow on and have had guys assume I was wearing NO makeup at all. Just look natural. Don't chose crazy colors like blue, or anyone's that stick out vibrantly and I can guarantee most guys won't have a clue as to what you're really wearing.

  • Most guys don't now much about make up. I occasionally wear blush and I always wear mascara... I'm one of those people that are so unfortunate that even with foundation AND concealer with a great primer I'd look a mess. since it doesn't help me, I avoid it... but I do use powder if I'm taking photos.

    I guess this isn't a cosmetic thing, but men generally don't like me with my natural hair.

    I used to be a beauty adviser, so I had to wear a bunch of makeup as part of my job, even then I was hit on. I've never had a problem attracting a mate.

    Obviously, I'm kind of a professional and know how to use makeup, but makeup isn't hard to use

    I THINK what guys mean is they don't like too much obvious makeup. They don't mind makeup if its not entirely blatant that she has on a lot of blush or mascara or whatever.

  • Different guys have different opinions and you're never going to please all of them. The only person you can really worry about pleasing is yourself, and you'll attract the guys who happen to llike the things that pleases you. Like not every guy likes goth girls, but does that mean no goth can ever get a man? Just do what you want. They're gonna have their opinions, why take their opinions so seriously?

    • dont worry I am not taking their opinions seriously

    • Congratulations! Your answer is easily the best female answer..(:

  • Here's what I think on the matter.

    Men are full of sh*t, they obviously don't like your face rubbing off on them, but the fact of the matter is many women do not look very good without makeup.

    When men say they like the natural look, I think they mean that they want someone who looks like they are wearing makeup without wearing any.

    Also, I never see the guys going for the girl in sweats, I always see them chasing the girl who has her hair fixed with a surplus of makeup on.

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