Do you have any favorite platforms?

I'm looking for wedges and really a nice pop of color or something classic :) I will be wearing them with mainly dresses so they should be something special, please and thank you

Really appreciate retail store ex)Target maybe

One of my first style question by the way :)


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  • I personally think you should get a black pair of platforms/wedges because the color goes with everything. What I do when I buy shoes is go out to your average shoe store, try something on, see what fits and what doesn't and then order them on-line to save money. I brought myself some brand leopard print wedges from eBay for £15 when the original price tag was £50. At the end of the day as long as they are comfortable for walking in and look pretty that's the main thing, you're going to be the one that's wearing them after all.

    • Thanks :D comfort really is important because I have to wear them to a bunch of different places

      and good deal

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