What to wear with high heel espadrille wedges?

I have my high school graduation coming up and I have a pair of wedges I would really like to wear (I'm too cheap to buy new shoes.) They're about four and a half inches including the platform with a red and white plaid open toe. Any suggestions on what I could possibly wear with this in May?

Another thing, I'll be attending university classes that day as well (long story), so is casual a viable option?


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  • A guy wearing wedges! This I got to see

    • No no, I made a mistake when setting up my account. I just noticed it about ten minutes ago :/ I am female. I swear! That being said, is it possible to change my gender to female? Or would I need a new account?

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    • @ opinion. You can wear your kilt and heels anytime you like! haha

    • Yeah, if you're in Scotland...here in the states, unless you're a crossdresser, you get looks for it. I've seen many men get looks

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  • I was incredibly shocked until I saw that you made a mistake setting up your account lol

    But I lovee wedges! Cute little flowy dresses go great with them(:

    • I was shocked when I saw it said I was male too, I felt so silly, oh well:)

  • Maybe something like this link

    • I did not even notice that your profile was accidently marked as a guys.

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