Dimples of Venus?

I have these little dimples on my lower back. I recently found out that they're actually called dimples of Venus, but I would like to know why some girls have them and other girls don't. What does it mean? I heard that dimples on the face (which I have) are a birth defect caused by an empty space in the cheek muscle. So are dimples of venus the same as face dimples? I also wanted to know if guys have them too, or is it just a girl thing?


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  • I like those. They're hot.

    They just kinda say "thumbs go here".

    But I don't think the male physique can have the,


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  • I ts not a common thing to have. and very sexy thing to have won't bore you with the science. But its usually a good indication of being in the correct weight range. I'm male sometimes, and and have noticed that as I come down in weight, they are becoming more prominent. Its more common with women although men get them too. You must be dead sexy dimples and dimples of venus. I think I'm jealous.

  • yeah I have had them all my life

    but now they are more prominent than ever


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  • I have no idea what it means or what causes them. But yes, guys can have them. My husband does but I don't.

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