Ladies: What do you think of these boots for a guy?

What do you think? Yay or Nay? Why or why not? I'm referring to the first color combo - "Black Tuf".


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I'd like to add that I'd be wearing them mostly for snow and maybe colder weather. They actually look pretty good. Pretty understated. Just wondered what others thought.
Kind of surprised that a lot of people don't like. It's cool. I'm still going to wear them. I feel like lots of people just don't like boots regardless. I happen to hate the army combat style.


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  • I don't really like 'em but I don't hate them. :P


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  • I am a boots girl :) so I love them and you should definitely get them. I actually think the most comfortable shoes I have are my work boots. Haha

  • I didn't vote but ther aren't that bad. I would have vote no if that's what you plan to wear with everything, but if the occasion occurred where you'd need a boot like that I guess they'd be handy.

    • @update, for the weather they would be totally fine! I just wouldn't recommend them with shorts and things like that lol. And I agree with you, I don't like the army combat style either.

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