What are some good going out clothes?

Any pictures? Just mostly to go to a dance club kind of place. I have no idea what to wear anymore!


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  • id say show a little bit of skin but not too much (you don't want drunk guys trying to hit on you every 2 secs)

    i don't mind clothes like link but it depends on the person

    and don't wear heels, you won't have anywhere to sit unless you are getting an expensive table so your feet ill start to hurt

    • huh, yeah, that's cute. I just have jeans, a jean skirt and some dresses... none of the dresses are tight fitting though. is that bad?

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    • dont be too minimal cause as I said earlier

      there is a lotta creep guys at clubs

      out of every 10 guys only one of em is probably normal/cool

      they all have only one thing on their mind and some of em will do anything to reach that goal

    • oh, yeah, that's very true. this should be interesting.

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  • Whatever you feel comfortable in and can move around well in I guess since you'll be dancing.

    Oh and don't be one of those girls who puts on heels to look good and then after she's been at the club for an hour or so starts bitching about how much her feet hurt cause she's been dancing in heels. Seriously, if that's you, don't wear heels, at all.

    • lol yeah I don't bother with heels unless I won't be standing much

  • As for specific items I can't really help you but I tend to like girls who hug their curves, but don't show the skin. Sexy, but still classy

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    • huh interesting. I need to go shopping... haha

    • I'm assuming that by dance club, you basically mean night club right.

    • yes! I do

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  • leggings with a crop top

    high waisted skirt

    • lol is that still in? good to know... :)

    • lol, at least where I live it is still in.

    • haha yeah, that's cool. It's just so hot... I hate to wear pants haha