Guys, if You Saw A Girl Wearing a T-Shirt That Said "I'm Single (So Ask Me Out)" Would that Put You Off?

I'd prefer guys to answer...and please no criticism...I've been getting a lot of flack for some of my questions...I'm serious...I have a shirt that says "Status Update: Single"...and when I wear it...guys do not I thought if I get a shirt that says "I'm Single (So Ask Me Out)" It would get to the point...

And yeah...I get it...a girl is supposed to smile, seem available, all that stuff...I know...and I have tried, several does not work. So, would wearing something like this backfire on me even more?

Or does it just depend on the girl wearing it, maybe? And it's just that guys don't want to ask me out? Serious answers please...I know I may seem like a nutcase...but I'm really not...I just don't know what else to do...And please do not suggest online dating...I've tried it and ended up with real creepers...


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  • Players and creeps with zero tact and self-awareness will likely beeline right over to you when they seeing you wearing that, which I imagine is something you definitely don't want.

    A lot of normal-minded guys would likely think that you're wearing it as a joke or something, not realizing that you're actually serious about wanting to be asked out. Or worse, they may make bad/wrong assumptions about your character, and also not ask you.

    I agree with answer someone else provided as far making conversation with guys who interest you, and that perhaps can get their attention to want to talk to you/see you further. The T-Shirt idea, while certainly well-intentioned, is likely not going to have the effect you would like and invite all kinds of undesirable guys to you in the process.

    • Thanks! I think your answer makes a lot of sense, without being rude or harsh. Thank you.

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  • The question is: WHO do you want to ask you out?

    That kind of a shirt is mostly going to get you players and the occasional creep asking you out in MOST environments.

    I totally get that you are trying really hard to help, but assuming you are looking for "nicer" guys, this shirt would probably backfire, because is says you are SO confident and because many will think that you go through guys like water to be wearing a shirt like that. The other shirt (status update: single) kind of seems like you just broke up and are happy to be that way.

    I recommend you wear normal, cute-but-casual clothes, and be more outgoing (you sound like you're relatively outgoing already) and don't be afraid to actually approach guys who interest you and ask THEM out. That's actually a lot less intimidating and a ton of guys would be thrilled to have a girl ask them out, even the ones who don't say "yes." Just having a girl ask makes most guys feel better about themselves.

    If you were going to get a shirt, I would opt for something more like "Currently Single & Open To Dating." It gets your point across without sending the wrong message; not to desperate, not over-confident, and not sexual/slutty.

  • Assuming I find you attractive, I'd make a beeline straight for you. I'd probably ask for a number or date within 2 minutes.

    "Nice Guys" Are never going to approach you anyway. They only message women on Facebook then wonder why they're forever alone.

    Keep wearing that shirt, and realize that haters gonna hate. Regardless of gender, putting one's self out into the dating world is going to subject yourself to sexism and rejection.

    You'll get approached more with something like, "Single & Looking"

  • No, I would not ask her out...

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    • Well...I was actually asking this question based on if I was the girl wearing the shirt, but whatever man.

    • BURN! jk

      I wouldn't ask you out, but you're attractive.

      You wouldn't need that shirt to get a date

  • Why don't you ask guys you are interested in out yourself?


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  • i think it would make her look desperate and easy. whenever I see a girl with a shirt like that, I would assume she's desperate for male attention and isn't really picky about who she gets it from

  • guys are going to think your slutty or planning a trick