Girls, are you extra cautious because you don't know what you're getting into?

Let me explain.

They say "hot" girls have it rough. They never know if they're going to be taken for granted or not...however, it's not JUST "hot" girls. In fact, I have found that "hot" girls are actually more likely not to give it up right away as opposed to other girls BUT "hot" girls and other girls are STILL of the female gender, right?

So, do you find yourself being extra cautious, no matter how hot you are. Is that why you only go for certain stereotypes?


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  • Yes, you have to be very cautious. It's like going into a used car dealership, should you really trust the first salesmen who tries to sell you the first car on the lot? You'd buy it without asking any questions and just take his word for it? Probably not.

    It's not just hot girls, or even only hot girls. It's any girl who has common sense and cares about how she'll be treated. Most girls who give it up right away have little confidence. The girls who are more cautious and choosy tend to have the highest confidence.

    I don't think I only go for certain stereotypes though, not sure what you're talking about on that one

    • I saw a girl who said she wanted only country boys and emo boys

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    • I'd like to be able to use it at will. I wouldn't want that power all the time, just those times when I ask myself "I wonder what he/she is thinking" or "what's gonna happen next?"

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  • ive been told I'm very cute/hot... by a lot of people actually...

    but I've always been the shy insecure girl.

    so now I'm a virgin at 19.

    i hang out with my lab partner and we've done A LOT. everything just short of sex.

    he told me he doesn't want to take it because virgins are clingy,

    but honestly, id rather have a f*** buddy than wait for a relationship. (ive only had one boyfriend that I hated)

    im just not a romantic girl..

    like another girl said, I guess I am insecure about myself and have low self worth.

    • I've heard that. That "hotter" girls are more insecure, why?

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    • well I'm kind of over it I guess, but the shyness stuck with me

  • I am a bit confused at your question. Anyhow I think it depends on the situation but all I know is that I will not give it up too fast because I want to ensure that there is a real connection, before I have sex.

  • Insecure girls tend to be the ones to have sex first because of a low self worth


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