I am only five feet tall and feel like I will always be viewed as a child, or am I crazy?

Hi there, I am a petite woman. Only five feet tall, I most certainly will not grow anymore. But I am afraid that I will not do well in life and will never have my opinion and self as a whole be taken seriously or be considered intelligent or anything like that because I am a runt. I look much younger than I am, I am 23 but look like I'm still a teenager. It just comes with the territory. I get called cute a lot, which of course is meant to be complimentary and there are far worse things to hear but I don't want to be considered a cut little undeveloped and useless girl.

I guess I don't really know what I can do so I am taken more seriously, I am not really bubbly, I am a more reserved individual and I like to think mature at the very least I think before I speak. Any ideas or insights into how I help others take me seriously in general?


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  • Hmmmm... You and I are exact opposites in stature. :D

    I'm 6'5", and over 300 pounds... And I sometimes wonder why people don't take ME more seriously!

    So, I'm thinking... Maybe we both need to work on our personality?

    I'm thinking YOU want to be somewhere short of ... achem... bull dyke... (no offense meant, but we're talking personalities here!).

    Leadership has nothing to do with physical stature. George W. Bush, ex-president on the USA, is NOT a tall man, but he IS an ex-president of the the greatest country on the face of the earth!

    My guess is: Leadership, and people paying attention to that leader, is more a thing of confidence... if you believe in yourself, all the time, or at least, project that image, sooner or later, someone else will, too... And you will be taken seriously...

    • brilliant, smart man, thank you

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  • I'm 5ft as well, but if you act your age and just not try to accentuate your shortness, people won't pay much attention. :)

    • does it work for you? I generally don't have any trouble, I am smart and a hard worker I don't think I lose out on things at work because of my height but it still sucks being the size of a 15 year old

    • I have been this height since I was 12 lol and yeah it works for me. Other than my boyfriend teasing me every now and then about being so innocent and fragile, I never have any problems with people thinking I'm younger.

  • dress older! it's helps a ton!

  • Just wear high heels :)

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