Am I the only one that does this?

When I'm at home, alone, I like to wear nothing except underwear (sometimes less than that lol). Since I'm 19 and still living with my family, I don't get to do this often, and I've expressed to my mom that when I get my own place I'm going to be in my underwear ALL the time (she laughed).

I love the total sense of freedom I get from being in my underwear at home. I like to run around and dance and jump on the bed and listen to music and cook and clean and do housework and I get so much more energy when I'm in just my bra and panties! I also like to look at myself (NOT in a conceited way) in the mirror when I'm wearing my underwear - I think I look so cute in my Spongebob panties!

JUST KIDDING! I don't have Spongebob panties.

But everything else is true lol. Anyone else feel the same?


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  • Generally, unless it's like 90-95 and humid in the house, I wear pajamas or something around the house. I don't like just being in my underwear. And I cannot stand being naked. I don't think my body is repulsive or anything, just for some reason being bare bothers me. I'm not sure why.

    That may change around a lady I trust most likely, but as it is now, I keep covered up. :)

  • I got up one morning and didn't feel like putting clothes on that day and went to cook some breakfast...frying bacon in the pan with no shirt on is not a smart move I found out

  • You're going to make one man a very happy dude

    • You know, my mom said the same thing to me. :)

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    • Haha, I grew out of the bratty rebellious teen phase earlier than most other kids.

    • Good

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  • If I could go everywhere in just undies, or a T-shirt & undies, I SO would. As soon as I'm in the bottoms are off. Hate pants/etc all day long.

    • I know! Wearing clothes 24/7 gets old after a while lol.