Can you please upload a picture of a ideal body of the opposite gender?

Can you please upload a picture of a ideal body of the opposite gender


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    They don't really defined muscles but they are kinda massive.I don't really like it when guys have really defined abs like i.e Ryan Reynolds link or Taylor Lautner link


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  • I think this guy has the perfect body. A lot of people tend to disagree with me and say he's too skinny, but I think he's perfect: link

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    If only.


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  • I'll do it for both lol


    • I'm pretty sure the girl in the photo does a lot more than nothing. I eat a very strict diet and work out daily and have been doing so for 5 years and STILL look nothing close to that good.

      I also think the guy in that photo has an extremely unattractive body, but that's my opinion.

    • That's not the body you get just from not eating like a hippo. Contrary to mens bodies our bodies are designed to store every fat they can get.

      Along with a strict diet, this girl likley works out everyday

    • Leave it to women to ruin a joke, jesus.

  • Actually I've always wanted to date a hermaphrodite.

  • hard to fine a perfect one but ima go with this one but picture her with slighty bigger t*ts: link

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    • No, not at all. I do think she's a tad on the skinny side but she has a nice body. I have scoliosis of the hips so I can tell when other girls have it and I think it's cool. Just part of that whole knowing I'm not alone thing.

    • just wondering...seemed like an odd way to go about insulting her lol but yeah she's pretty thin. I love petite girls and her hips are delicious