When a clothing's color is described as "turf", what color is that?

I have no idea what kind of color "turf" is supposed to be. In the pictures I've seen it's not clearly visible to me whether it's rather a dark brown or dark grey. Anyone knows what this color actually is?


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  • turf means ground or most of the time grass. so it tends to be shades of green and or brown. I think it's way too vague of a word to use for something like cloths. it's like saying my shirt is the color of metal... there are many different colors in metal so it's not a good description.

    • Yep, that's actually my dilemma. And in the pictures of the clothes, it looks EXACTLY like what they call "asphalt", which is definitely supposed to be some shade of dark grey. But well, as we know, colors don't look like in original on computer screens...

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    • the last resort I guess you can come up with is buy a $30 gift card at a clothing store and tell them you could not find something they would like but would be willing to go shopping with them to help pick one out.

      I agree with gift cards because it shows you understand what I like but might not understand what the exact details are. (I hope that wasn't too vague)

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  • It's the color of turf - turf being that earthy sod that you burn in fires for fuel.

    • Oh I thought if the actual turf is meant, than the color should be some kind of green...?

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    • Have you ever seen the many shades available in astro-turf?

    • But the thing is, it is NOT green. It looks like a dark grey or brown. I can't really tell.

  • Well turf is generally used to refer to the ground, so grassy/earthy stuff. Kind of a strange description for clothes though, never heard it used that way before.


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