What's on the inside really counts?

Do you really believe that a person who I beautiful on the inside as in kind friendly an just a wonderful person would reflect on them on the outside?

I Know so many people who may not be the most physically attractive people but are just so wonderful like genuinely great people an are do comfortable with how thy look and who they are you can't help but love them! And then they've become

More attractive

And then there are people who I know that are drop dead gorgeous they make some models an a lot these celebrities look like nothing but the way they come off can put some one off. And they wonder why some people don't like them

So my question is do you believe that your inside can be reflected out? An that if some one is average or below average looking but with great personality would ubbecome more attracted to them ot are looks too important and if your not atrractrd to them form the beginig then there's no chance?

And woul you lose attraction toward agorgeous person with a horrid personality or would've airy compensat for their douchyness lol

Thank s :)

Sorry about the spelling! I'm on my phone and the typing sucks lol I just read my post and was like wtf did I type? Hope you get the gist of what I'm saying tho :)


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  • i have lost attraction to people that are good looking just because they are so superficial. its a huge turn off for me

    if someone is a great person sometimes I do end up being attracted to them but that's not always the case unfortunately. Some times I just end up respecting them a lot but I still don't find them physically attractive

    • Do you ever feel bad that you can't be attracted to that person tho? I do. I hate the fact that even tho the person is beyond amazing I'm still not attracted to them because of something as superficial and shallow as looks. But you can't force attraction so te 2nd best thing is to admire and respect the person I guess

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    • The only thing that comes to mind is you can try spending more time with him to see if a spark comes up but sorry I don't know what else you can do

    • It was a hypothetical situation lol thanks for the opinions

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  • I can honestly say that I am more likely to end up with a 'ugly but wonderful girl' than a 'beautiful but horrible girl'. Although I'm hoping for beautiful and wonderful ofcourse.

    People with good personalities also look less to the outside, so they are much more fortunate in dating anyways...

  • If we keep our minds open, anything is possible.


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