Function room, gala dinner, what do you wear?

Formal attire is required. How dressy is too dressy, etc?

It's a bit like a weekend of pampering, being looked after & it's sort of meant to be a surprise so we don't know what to expect and that's all the details we were given. So knowing as little as I know, what would you turn up in or expect that people would be wearing? It's not a business function but there will be well known business people there.


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  • What does the invitation say? How will men be dressed?

    • "Formal" and there won't be any men there haha... I'm confused

    • More details required. Technically (and a long time ago) 'formal' meant white tie, tuxedo was 'semi formal'. People rarely use that terminology nowadays. But if there was a formal invitation it would have clues as to how to dress.

      What type of gala dinner is this, what age women will be there? I'm trying to figure out if you should be in a cocktail dress or a long dress, though you can probably always wear a long one ...

    • That long dress comment made me think, good response!

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  • I'd say a cocktail dress for sure. Heels preferred but but flats aren't illegal if you don't like heels. Then some nice jewelry and your hair done up a little. :)

    What's the occasion?

    • lol. wow. That really is confusing. I don't get the pampering part. I picture like a massage but you would definitely not come in a dress and heels to get a massage. If I were you I'd ask some other people who are going. That way even if you dress wrong at least you won't be the only one. Or ask the person who invited you if they can at least tell you what to wear.

    • thanks :)

  • You can never be too dressy...Go by this, Heels, hosiery and skirts will always have you looking your best.

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