Am I a brand wh*re or not?

I'm not sure if this makes me a brand whore or if I'm just stubborn, but I find that I'm most attracted to particular brands and I won't go outside of my preferences. My friends brought it up after they lectured me on spending $15+ on socks. It's like I'm "dedicated" to certain brands lol

Bras & panties--Calvin Klein, DKNY & Tommy Hilfiger. I literally won't buy other brands

Shoes--Steve Madden(equestrian boots, flats, pumps/stilettos), Uggs(boots), Nike(flip floprs), Saucony(running shoes), Kenneth Cole & a couple of other brands

Socks--Calvin Klein & Tommy Hilfiger & Ralph Lauren

Jeans--Levis(cause they're forever), True Religion(they're forever), Guess(they're there)

handbags--Michael Kors, Coach, LV(I have 2 Neverfull MM's), DKNY

I'm "dedicated" to certain brands. Am I over the top in being a brand whore? It's like, I can't go outside of my preferences when it comes to clothing.

Is it bad? cause I feel close minded in a way. by the way, I DO NOT look down on people who don't wear or own these brands or who are more open minded

Also, how can I be more open minded? I don't like feeling like I'm a brand whore or that I can only buy certain brands. It's bothering me now


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  • LOL, you sound like a mini paris hilton.

    Anyway, I own 2 michael kors purses and one luis vitton..that is the only working brand name items I have..I had gucci sun glasses but I broke them. Anyway, I have non brand underwear and bras...and socks...

    Ok, I guess I have one black pair of uggs...but anyway..that's all the brand name stuff...apart from my brand name makeup.

    lol, I buy whatever works...not just based on brand..although for makeup..i sometimes buy brands...because it just idk.. I prefer brand makeup.

    lol, but I must admit..brand name stuff looks "official" know what I mean? It just feels "assured"...

    • haa those brand names are more than some people have

      But yeah, I guess that's why I stick to certain brands

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  • It's natural to find certain brands offer up a look you like or a quality/price point that works for you. So you end up shopping there a lot. What you want to avoid is buying certain brands from insecurity, where you're not sure what's 'good' so you want certain popular brands becsuse it's like a stamp saying 'Calvin Klein says this is cool'. Just be willing to appreciate good stuff found elsewhere and that brands you like also will produce junk sometimes.

    Incidentally many of those brands (and high end fashion houses) do not make many of their own clothes. There is no Calvin Klein sock factory or Ralph Lauren sock factory. They are made at the macgregor factory. This isn't a slam on them - they may or may not be worth the cost.

  • If you automatically eliminate other possibilities because they're brands you don't normally go for you could be limiting yourself or your ability to flip up your style. there might be a piece here and there from a different brand that you might really like but you don't give it much of a chance and brush it off as junk because of past experiences or whatever.

    then again, if you can afford and enjoy the stuff you've been getting, not really much wrong with that :P

    • I just don't want to be so...I guess..stubborn about it though

    • habits are hard to break. but unless you're really actively wanting to change your style up or add a new flare to it or something then I don't think it's a problem that you wanna stick with brands that have given you quality in the past :)

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  • Yeah you are. But if you can afford it and you like it who cares? It would only be a problem if you bought ugly sh*t just for the logo. If you think it looks good then nbd

  • If it's good quality and you can afford it I see no problem with buying brands.