How to look great every day?

I'm tired of looking like a bum all the time. I go to school and everyone looks so bright and pretty and I look so blah. it's like I'm the dry scone and everyone else is the decoratively frosted cupcake.

Clothing choices would be nice.

I'm 5'4"

light/medium skin tone

brown eyes

curly-ish hair

I don't have a particular style, I like everything. except exceedingly dark colors and styles.

makeup advice is welcome too.


maybe I wasn't clear. I'd like ideas that I could use in everyday life, not on a catwalk.


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  • I suggest you evaluate your wardrobe and see what goes and what doesn't for the happy look you are going for.

    Pick out everyhting that is a needed basic *good jeans that fit you well, solid tanks, your best shirts, and thigns like that* then take the things you don't need and sell them and with that money you can buy some great resources to a great closet.

    like black jeans, a few good blouses, some nice dresses, a few cardigans, and a good pair of flats.

    Make up should make you feel better but be easy enough for everyday use "try mascara and foundation to start off with, finding a perfect tone is harder for some so I suggest going to the mall to get a professional consultation because they can give great tips"

    • Use lint rollers and iron your clothes and leave a great smelling bar of soap in the drawer you keep them in to make them smell but these styles and tips along with everyone else's except the dude with the links (bc I don't have the time to look) seem easy for the average woman to do

  • Your young so its might be a while before you find your own style. Try make up or getting your hair done, nail done eye brows waxed. Things like that. You can go on YouTube and look at the beauty/hair/make up gurus and find things that work for you.

  • You can follow her style like this link Halter black dress, black or sliver earring, black heels! Do a up-do hairstyle with pretty headpieces! Oh, make a fresh makeup, try green eye makeup and sexy red lipstick!

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