Guy always comments on my clothes? Is that weird?

What does that even mean? Once, when he arrived at my house, I opened the door and he looks at my outfit and goes... "you look comfortable." We've been friends for a very long time so I sometimes even wear my pjs in front of him. That last time I was wearing a sweatshirt and track pants.

This other time, I went to his house and as I was leaving, putting my flip flops on he goes those are cool flip flops. I was like um, thank you?

Idk, he just makes comments like that. He was into me in hs, but that was... like 7 years ago? We used to be cuddle buddies and stay up all night chatting, haven't done that in a while though.

Why would he bother commenting on what I'm wearing though?


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  • It depends, he could just be being friendly. I saw a friend of mine the other day, that had just gotten off of work, she looked good and thought I'd say it (especially since I hadn't seen her in a long time). We would never date (however, I did go to a dance with her once). You never know until he asks you out

    • haha hmm yeah. I don't think he likes me. no idea though. probably not. glad I asked though. I definitely didn't look cute, I was practically in my pj's, maybe I look cute in my pjs haha, idk

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    • super creepy...

    • LOL, I'm just playing with you. I'm a sexual guy, get used to it

  • probably because article in womens magazines says guys are supposed to do stuff like that.hahahhaa

    • hahahaha really? why?

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    • i guess its one of those if really You really love her

    • lol weird, never thought of it that way. thanks!

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