Boyfriend said "looks like you gained a few pounds... That's a good thing!" what does he mean?

I'm insulted but it seems like it could have been an extremely lame compliment... Guys, should I be insulted? Is he so thickheaded that he doesn't realize it could be an insult? by the way I'm 5'10" and went from about 140-147 pounds, and my stomach was particularly bloated because I had just eaten peas... Lol


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  • I think he may have said the first part, then tried to 'catch the falling axe' by adding the second part. Either that or, perhaps more likely, he may actually like you with a little more substance to your curves, I know that this is not uncommon in men, we enjoy women's curves, and this may be why he said what he said.

    Though I would caution you not to overthink on this; It's exactly the kind of thing that you could go crazy thinking about "what did it mean?".


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