How can I stop my breasts from shrinking?

I started working out and dieting and lost a few pounds, but all from my breasts! I went from a C cup to an A cup but the rest of my body stayed the same. : ( How can I make them a C cup again but lose weight everywhere else?


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  • Breasts are just fatty tissue. As fat disappears from your body it will also disappear from there. You can give what's left of them a "lift" that can increase the size (not really, but it looks like it) by building up the muscles underneath doing heavy weighted chest exercises.

    • Kinda what I was thinking.

    • Doing these exercises will give your breasts a lift that can effectively increase them by as much as two whole cup sizes if you do it right. Again it is not an ACTUAL change but a visual one that comes from further developing the muscles your breasts sit on top of.

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  • not to be advertisment but I know a pill (not trying to talk you into pills) that directly targets like the stomach area and around it but not your chest this is if your serious about losing weight, if so just message me, I used it I use to weigh 290 now I'm down to 160. after the pill I was only down to 210 because you can only take it for two months but it gives you energy to work out and stuff but any how! if you want to know just message me

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