How come people comment on girls' looks in videos more so than guys' looks?

If a girl or a guy is giving a talk, and they are both attractive, there will be hundreds more comments from users on the attractiveness of the female rather than the male instead of listening to what they are actually saying. Basically, when the guy talks he will be listened to but if the girl talks, chances are she will be remembered for how she looks.

Why is this and do you agree?


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  • There are too much horny guys who can't get laid.


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  • Out of an audience of men and women; the women will look at the guy's character and the men will look at the lady's physical attributes to determine if she can rear a child. In ancient cave-man terminology - women are looking for men who have the courage/strength/ambition/etc to be a provider and to protect them / and their offspring.. Men are looking for health to keep their genes going through the next generation.

    Women could comment about a guys looks all they want - but in reality they usually care about stuff deeper; hence the character reference.

    Guys aren't so "deep-hitting" until they have found a mate of interest; they find their mates through visual confirmation to determine health; after which comes the compatibility test.. If she tries to kill us, stalk us, or eat us.. We should find a new mate; otherwise, we're good to go.

    So back to your reference about the video - I think it's completely reasonable and fair that the world works this way... Why? Because it works. Birth rates are declining due to extrinsic factors in our environment, not because the method does not work; else, how are we alive at this point in time?

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Yes, but we are not cavemen or women. If a women has something important to say, a comment shouldn't be about the size of her breasts but about what she is actually SAYING.

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    • I disagre with you, staring at a woman's breasts because a caveman did it does not convince me that it is *right*

    • I'm not speaking in terms of logic, I'm speaking in terms of functionalism. Men choose mates by health - as a way to increase the potential that the offspring will reach age 20; men can choose many mates but by selecting in this manor, they increase the likelihood of success.. Women can only choose one mate, which is why they must be more selective, as they can only reproduce every 9 months.. Therefor they must be more thorough that the man can protect/provide when they are vulnerable with birth

  • I like looking at girls. I make no apology for this. That doesn't mean that I am not listening to what women are actually saying. There is nothing wrong with complimenting someone on their looks.

    • There is when it turns into an obsession

    • True, but it depends on how you define the word obsession. Men have been taught that women like compliments, and often have body issues, so they need to hear compliments about their body. Most men would love to get more compliments about their body. Never being on the other side of this issue, I don't really understand what the problem is, in trying to make someone feel good about themselves. Now if the guys are just being perverts that is another matter.

    • I'm talking about perverts, not a guy saying, That is some lovely cleavage

      but damn look at those breasts

  • Women pride themselves on how they look. Men don't. Yes, this is true, women like an attractive guy because it means attractive offspring just like men like attractive women for the same reason's actually more about the women and how they like to look fashionable etc..male primates didn't care how they looked. Their job was to go out and look for food and provide food and they looked hideous yet still attracted females. Evolution has caused women to take more pride in their looks than men. Then again, that is if you believe in evolution of course

    • I'm saying MEN comment on women's looks not women commenting on their looks, so what you're saying doesn't fit

  • because most of the people commenting will be male more than likely since it's the internet, and guys don't care about other guys. and girls don't openly comment on guys like that for fear of coming off as shallow or "creepy"


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