What part of your body annoys you at times?

I love my curves and my body; however, there are times where it can get annoying, like my chest when jogging or my butt and thighs when trying to find the perfect jean.

What part of your body annoys you at times? Why?


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  • My hair. I live near the equator, so it gets pretty hot in summers and cool in winters, by my hair feels super oily like all the time. Had I been a slacker, I would not wash it or give a sh*t. But I have to shampoo it twice DAILY to give them volume and cleanse the grime!

    Otherwise they feel disgusting :S

    My wakeup bath consists of rinsing it with hot water, applying shampoo, washing away the shampoo and applying conditioner. I repeat the same procedure in the afternoons or evenings. Hence, I have to shampoo it each time I take a shower. All my family members have soft silky hair and I'm the black sheep >.>

    ^ Very annoying.

    • Wow, I see. I am glad to hear that you pay close attention to your hair. I am truly impressed.

    • lol thanks. I'm not as much into styling it as other guys do (apart from weekly haircuts to keep it short and groomed). People think I'm gay because of my obsession with cleanliness, baths and fragrances, although I simply love feeling fresh :]

    • I see. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It just means that you enjoy sanitation. I like that!

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  • all the goddamn time

    hair: greying

    teeth: itch lately

    right elbow: hurts because I strained it a year ago

    hip: f***ed up a small jump

    feet: planter fasciitis

    i feel like an old man at 20 because of my screwed up walk and joint problems, I'm screwed for life.

  • Its not ideal and never will be. So goes life.

  • My love handles. I swear every part of my body is good. Toned legs, flat stomach, big chest, shoulders and arms but my obliquess just don't want to join the party.


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  • My boobs when I jog/run. My butt makes putting on jeans 20x harder usually. And my little baby hairs that are so hard to style.

    • Wow, you have the jogging boob problem too? Man, I want to just tape mine down some time.

      Do you double up in sports bras? Does it help? I am thinking about trying that. Grrr

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    • No, I usually wear lose tank top/wife beaters. I don't know how to explain them lol but I found some in the workout section at forever 21. They're high enough to cover most of my chest but aren't so heavy and a lot of clothing so I can move around and feel more comfortable when I sweat.

  • I have dots! they are annoying!

  • My wrinkly belly.

    Ever since I had a child at I have been self conscious. It sucks to hate a part of you so much.

    • Wow, =[ Are there any type of exersizes you like to do? I am battling with my tummy at times too.LOL!

    • Well, I am very fit but there's not much I can do. I do a lot of cardio...but I lost the weight so fast that my skin looks like this. I really think the only way to fix it is surgery. Too bad I am not Madonna I can't avoid it.

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