I think that both men and women care about looks equally!

Do you agree or disagree

I really think we both put the same amount of care .

Looks are important , that's just reality .

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  • No , men care more
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Mainly looks in a partner , not your own :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes, but they don't care in the SAME way. I find that a lot of people [mainly men on here] seem to think that women don't care about looks because women tend to care about looks in a different way than men.

    Example of their logic:

    Guy sees girl in short tight shorts, checks her out. link Conclusion: she's attractive, men like the way women look.

    Girl sees guy wearing short tight shorts, she isn't attracted. link Conclusion: women don't like to see mens bodies.

    Truth be told, men and women LIKE DIFFERENT THINGS in DIFFERENT ways. just because we don't think like you and aren't attracted to the same things, doesn't mean we aren't attracted. We care just as much about looks in different ways. If we cared about the exact same things you cared about in the same ways, we'd all be lesbians. /endofrant/


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What Guys Said 7

  • i said c. but that could be just because I'm not a girl... I don't really care about my appearance but I work out everyday. not because I think it looks better but cause I want to be better at my sport, I think a lot of guys work out and all for an actual purpose whearas most women do it for looks

  • yes, probably equal, even if you didn't

    mean partner, I'd still say equal. <3

  • Depends how you mean. Women tend to care more about their own looks than men and they seem to also place too much emphasis on looks that men can't control (height and such). Men tend to put a less emphasis on their own looks or their friends, but they do have stupid focus on looks women can seem to have some effect over.

    Both seem stupid to me.

  • I voted c because women and more choosy

  • Yup absolutely agree :)

  • yep I thinks its about equal

  • i agree, I voted A but girls expect more after being attract to a hot, good-looking guy, they expect him to be able to start or hold a conversation, talk right, social-skills, conversation-skills, confidence, has to have the right mindset and attitude, has to have his life together or getting it together, have a life, have things going for him, etc.


What Girls Said 3

  • Sure it is, although we can try to look past appearances.

    Think about it . If there were no such thing as looks, and the first thing we saw

    when we looked at someone was their main personality trait in a bubble.

    Ex. loud, promscious, gentle, desperate etc.

    We would still judge each other then and faulk more towards what personality we liked

    and found the most comfort in.

    A lot of people usually go off of what they see on the interior.

    It takes a true person to see there is more to one than what

    you see at first glance.

    I personally agree that male and females care about looks equally.

    How can we not? We grow up in a society that is superficial.

    • I meant *go off of what they see on the exterior. (ahh I type too fast)

  • I voted C..

    Women are more 'choosy'..

  • I think both men and women care about looks. Most people want to be physically attracted to their significant other.

    However, I often hear guys (particularly on this site) say things like, "For a guy to get a girl, he has to be confident, funny, smart, interesting, etc. All a girl has to do to get a guy is look hot."

    If what these guys say is true, then it suggests to me that men place more importance on looks in comparison to other characteristics than women do.