Girls, would you say this is true?

I found that in general (I repeat in general, because I know every person is different and every situation is different), when a girl says to her SO "tell me the truth", she doesn't want the guy to either lie and say what she wants to hear, nor does she want him to tell *his* truth.

What she wants to hear is that his truth is the same as *her* truth. Because truth is a relative term, not an absolute one.

Hence the drama over questions like "do you think she's prettier than me?", about which guys often feel like there is no right answer.

For example the prettier question. I was thinking more in the lines of this kind of situation.

She doesn't want him to think she is prettier, but then lie to her and say his girlfriend is prettier.

She doesn't want him to think she is prettier and say that he thinks she's prettier.

What she wants is that he thinks his girlfriend is prettier, and say that truthfully.


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  • I think most women who do that have low self-esteem which is why they're looking for a pick me up from their boyfriend. You're obviously right that they want their boyfriend to honestly think and say that she's prettier than the other girl. The problem with that is it becomes a loaded question due to her self-esteem. If he thinks the other girl is prettier and says so then that just makes her self-esteem problems worse and she gets hurt, but if he says that he thinks she's prettier than the other girl she doesn't believe him and accuses him of lying. It's a no win situation and I feel bad for guys who get put on the spot like that lol. Personally I think it's a stupid question anyway, (I think) every girl thinks there are girls who are prettier than she is so why wouldn't her boyfriend also think there are prettier girls out there too? It doesn't mean she's not still the most "attractive" one to him. Why poke the bear?


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  • I feel sorry for guys who are placed in that situation.

    See the thing is, whenever a female says tell me the truth, nothing positive is going to come out of it unless he really did nothing wrong and can tell the truth.

    If a guy says yes to that answer, the girl is going to throw a fit because she doesn't want her man looking at any one but her. But if he says no, she's going to say he is lying.

    Same thing with : " Are you cheating on me?"

    If you are and say no, she will call you out for it. If you say yes, she is going to explode. No win win situation.

    • Exactly. But the guy is doing wrong by cheating on her in the first place, so that example has less value.

      I often tell girls to just not ask questions like that, because at some point I'll be forced between lying to her (which I don't want to even if I get away with it) and hurting her feelings. No good can come out of it.

    • Exactly. Most girls should try and avoid placing guys in those situations because they are conflicting and a perfect way to destroy a once happy relationship.

  • That truly sucks to put a guy in the spotlight like that.

    When I ask that, I really want to know the truth and I will sometimes will get mad because I find it hard to believe that I am pretty as he says I am.

    You're correct, there is no absolute truth. It just depends on how she will take it and hopefully not blow it out of proportion.


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