Attractive one day and not the next?

I keep getting told every once in a while by some guy friends that I'm pretty one day and not the next? It's weird, I've never heard of fluctuating beauty ha ha, and I don't wear a ton of make up, and rarely wear it? If a guy finds you wholesomely attractive, does a women's beauty ever fluctuate?

Or is she always pretty?

Some days I dress really good, stylish, and other days I like to wear a hoodie / t - shirt and some kicks. Natural faced with a casual hair style.

I always thought if a guy really was attracted to a girl, she was attractive to him period? None of this fluctuating stuff? It just makes me a little insecure because it keeps getting brought up. One dude was like, " How come people who are really pretty don't make themselves really pretty everyday?"

I was like -_- well I'm sorry I don't look like a model every day : \

There's a picture on my profile with very little make up and a casual hair style. Usually how I look on a day to day basis, just with a t- shirt or sweatshirt instead of a nicer one.


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  • Yes, sometimes that happens, but I don't think it necessarily has anything to do with clothing or make up. I mean, there are certain celebrities that I think are pretty one day, but not that great the next. Not from candid tabloid photos or anything. Same with other girls as well.

    Maybe it something to do with my mood or anyone else evaluating the attractiveness of another. It's not like she becomes ugly, but it's more like "She is really pretty" one day to "I could take her or leave her" a few days later.

    • Oh okay. See I'm thinking if someone is attractive to you, then they are consistently attractive no matter what

    • They generally stay attractive. It's just that sometimes I'm more enthralled by her beauty on some days more than others.

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  • Most of the time it has to do with attitude... If you are happy, nice, and outgoing you it shows. When you are bitchy, neggy, etc it also shows. You wear your emotions on your face. Other factors are obviously makeup, bloating, lack of sleep, fashion since, etc. One day an average girl would look good, the next she will look bad.

    • yea my personality rarely just fluctuates so it has to be physical or something. I haven't been getting enough sleep lately either so that could be why too. thanks :)

  • Let me clear up the confusion.

    You're not attractive.

    Yes, yes, downvotes, come my way. My mistake for stating my opinion.

  • at times I have seen this...

  • Because of this: link


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    i though I was the only girl with this problem!

    some days I feel attractive and a guy I've been having my eyes on in class will

    seem to acknowledge me as well, and some days I feel and look disgusting and

    i avoid guys I like and they seem to ignore me more than usual as well!

    i swear my looks change on a daily basis...i think it's because of the weather or

    how I slept on the wrong side of the bed last night, sometimes I believe it's some kind of

    punishment I received from doing something wrong the other day...

    • exactly how I feel! lol I just thought if your attractive to someone then that's just it, but I guess not lol. Well according to other answers it's normal so nothing to stress about

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