Black/mixed girls: How do you deal with straightening your hair in the summer?

I live in a very humid climate and I don't have a relaxer. I blow dried and flat ironed my hair Wednesday and it looked very good. I wrapped my hair before going to sleep that night and in the morning I could tell humidity got to it and it wasn't as sleek as it was before and didn't look as good. It looked OK enough to wear to work but not that salon sexy swag I had on Wednesday. today it's not cute so I pulled it up in a bun and will wear it curly today and tomorrow. My question is how do I keep my blowout/flat iron look for days and days, even a week? What products should I be using?

I already use: a good moisturizing shampoo

Soy protein conditioner that I left in before blow drying

After blow drying once, I added some straightening serum then blow dryed again

Then I flat ironed with a ceramic tourmaline iron


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  • I live in a dry climate, but when I travel down south, I find that simply putting a coat of grease over the hair while straightening makes it resist the dampness pretty well.

    I got caught in a small rainstorm one day with drizzle and my hair surprisingly held up - I had just greased it a bit and the grease kept the water out or something.

    If I sweat when I sleep after using some grease over it, hair doesn't fuzz up either.

    Can try that - it doesn't have to be massive amounts of grease lol, just a healthy thinish layer to keep unwanted moisture out, and good moisture in.

    • I took your advice and used grease. Worked perfectly! Hair stayed straight, did not poof out and I got compliments all day

    • glad it worked for ya too :D tnx for BA

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