How to you know if you are overestimating your looks?

Sometimes I feel like I am overestimating my looks because I consider myself pretty but my sister always tells me that I am average to ugly. Other people tell me that I am pretty and I get approached by normal guys pretty often. My question is, how can I find out where I fit. Like what would be good indicators that I am overestimating myself.


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  • do you ever get asked out by hot guys? if so, you're probably hot. are they just regular? then you're probably average. your sis is probably just being a biznitch

    • It's mostly regular guys and once in a while a hot guy.

    • as long as you're pulling in people you can be attracted to then you're all set. you're definitely not ugly

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  • if you saw me, and think you're good

    enough for me, you're overestimating your looks..

    just just kidding, if you think like that, you're

    overestimating your looks ^-^

    but it can be a good thing, because believing in yourself

    gives you confidence to approach people, instead of

    feeling shy and such.. <3

  • I feel the same way. I consider myself to be quite attractive but for some reason the pretty girls around me don't really respond to it. Unavailable women do tell me though (family members, married women, kids) so I go by that. I guess for girls it's different but guys don't get a lot of spontaneous admiration anyway.

  • Don't listen to your sister. Go for whoever you want and do it with confidence :)


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